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Revenge - Spitting Fire

Spitting Fire
by Kyle Scott at 08 February 2018, 11:57 AM

From out of the annals of Columbia come REVENGE! An ass-kicking, name-taking Speed Metal band speeding headlong and recklessly out of their home country straight to your ears. REVENGE is prepared to take on all who stand in their way. This album is far from REVENGE’s first rodeo. “Spitting Fire” is the band’s seventh addition to their discography, and they have had a fair run since 2002 with no intention of stopping anytime soon. "Spitting Fire" certainly stokes the fire within your soul, with songs referencing the glories of metal brotherhood, cutting down foes with your wicked sweet axe, or y’know, just the love of partying late into the night with all your fellow Metalhead bros.

It’s little wonder how these boys get you so easily pumped, they sing of standard Metalhead pride; very few Metalheads worth their salt would find the band’s message lost in translation. “Heavy Metal Friends” is your classic mosh pit anthem with gattling gun quick chords and furious solos. “Thirst of Avenge” is up next, straight-up channeling IRON MAIDEN with Estaban “Hellfire”’s vocals and screaming guitar riffs. The title track “Spitting Fire” is no less intense than “Heavy Metal Friends”. “Infernal Angels” has a truly beautiful acoustic intro fighting to live over its more dominant electric counterpart. Estaban reaches his highest notes on this track, too. “Die Hard” the final track features layer upon layer of emotion-charged solos and untamed riffs for over ten minutes!

The only thing that really bugged me was the lack of diversity where the tempo was concerned. Almost every song on the album starts off fine, but then the second after the rhythm kicks up, the tempo is almost always unchanged. Other than that, I considered it good, fast-paced Speed with a lot of devotion to the Heavy Metal lifestyle hear in their lyrics. With seven albums under their belt, it would be safe to say that REVENGE know what they’re doing by now. They have no intention of backing down, let alone slowing down, and with so much Metal spirit, they sound like they intend to play even after they’re dead.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Heavy Metal Friends
2. Thirst of Avenge
3. Rise of the Braves
4. Spitting Fire
5. Thy Axes Scream
6. Wild Till Death
7. Sadistic Cruelty-The Revengeance
8. The Infernal Angels (2017 version)
Jorge “Seth” Rojas - Bass
Estaban “Hellfire” Mejia - Vocals, Guitars
Daniel “Hell Avenger” Hernandez - Drums
Night Crawler - Guitars (lead)
Record Label: Rata Mutante Records


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