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Revenge - Infiltration.Downfall.Death (CD)

by Yiannis Doukas at 22 April 2008, 4:12 PM

Third album for these noise terrorists, once again via Osmose Productions. Surely their music moves in the extreme with the love them or hating them consequence, which is good when you're playing Black Metal and shows that they have their personality.
If you don't know them I could start a description with four-polar extremity and violence. Put in one side the Ross Bay scene, enriched with ancient BEHERIT and ARCHGOAT, multiplying the barbarism reaching points of noise walls full of blades and mud attacking and pulverizing your faces.
This rotting and chaotic extremity has close enough albums like Reek Of Putrefaction of CARCASS or the first steps in discography of NAPALM DEATH. The whole paroxysm is taking noise forms since many times what we are listening looks like a veil of thorns without a clear identity. In this burning and boiling hell we must also put some ORDER FROM CHAOS vocals, like an anti-human manifest together with a substratum of CONQUEROR disease.
The truth is that their second album wasn't on my top list like the first one, I don't know why, probably because the first one was the first one. The sure thing is that REVENGE continues with no remorse. Death Heritage starts with a lead like an hymn to death; imagine something like a tank crushing and tearing apart bones that are laid to earth. In this whole panic and ultimate ear violence exists, if you concentrate enough inside, a strategically base for their songs. The slow parts continue being torturing and more plenty than in the past, the drumming is a hammer straight to your head, the guitars are close to Black Metal drill, the covers are of same concept like the lyrics and - generally - the band is following its path like almost eight years before.
REVENGE brought a new breath of lunacy into Black Metal but I cannot keep my primary exaltation if they do not show something special in further releases. I am not talking about changing their style, but I want their barbarism and elitist supremacy to wear a renewal of inspiration. And, talking about myself, when in my collection there are some discs like BLASPHEMY, the last ARCHGOAT or the BLACK WITCHERY ones, always this band comes last in my preference when I want to hear something close.

3 Star Rating

Death Heritage (Built Upon Sorrow)
Blood Noose (Hog - Tied Like Swine)
Sterilization (Procreation Denied)
By Force (The Only Option)
Barbed Anti (No Remorse)
Survival (The Absolute Truth)
Final Doctrine (Push Forward)
Cleansing Siege (Take Them Down)
James Read - Drums, Vocals
Pete Helmkamp - Vocals, Bass
Record Label: Osmose Productions


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