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Revengia - Lake Of Fire

Lake Of Fire
by Cameron Ervin at 18 February 2013, 11:27 AM

Sometimes you hear a band and you think, “Wow, I really like those vocals.” REVENGIA is not a band that will make you think that. The vocals here sounded absolutely deplorable! I tried as hard as I could to listen to this album and look past the vocals hoping to enjoy the music but the singer was so abrasive I couldn’t help but be distracted. Tobbe Bernström’s voice is harsh and dry sounding, it’s somewhere between a death growl and a Hardcore scream. In other words it is extremely annoying to me.

The overall production of the album is cheap and that doesn’t help the vocals out any at all. The rest of the band is a bit lack luster. However, I think if the guitar player and drummer can find a new band there is great potential. I heard a couple decent riffs and solos along with neat little rhythm sections. I can’t speak for the bass player because he was unfortunately buried under the rest of the mix. I’m searching for a good point to share with you but I can’t really find any. I really hate bashing albums like this because I am aware that someone put lots of money and time into creating it. That is why it is important to remember this review is only my opinion and not a fact. Always check out any band you seem interested and never let someone else influence how you feel about a band. You may find that “Lake Of Fire” is your new favorite album and that’s awesome because we all have different tastes.

Go listen to REVENGIA’s “Lake Of Fire” and see if it’s your cup of tea because I sure as heck can’t stand tea.

1 Star Rating

1. Free from Sin
2. His Will
3. Lake of Fire
4. The Day I Die
5. Alone
6. Purest of Emotions
7. Sin for Sale
8. Asylum
9. Bloodline
10. Termination by the Hand of Creation
11. The Galleon
Matti Almsenius - Guitar
Martin Karlsson - Bass
Tobbe Bernström - Vocals
Conny Pettersson - Drums
Record Label: Sound Pollution


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