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Revengine – Why Follow Road So Narrow

Why Follow Road So Narrow
by Dan Mailer at 13 December 2014, 12:56 PM

“Heavy Grunge” band REVENGINE offer an interesting take on the grunge phenomenon from the 90s with souped up production values, heavier riffs and a different attitude.

Opening up their new album “Why Follow Road So Narrow” with the track “Not Of This Time” and this is a good strong track to lead into the album with. It’s got plenty of good riffs, nice focussed writing and some great bass playing throughout as well. This is followed up by “My Charade” which has a really great atmosphere about it, with some really nice usage of guitar chords and vocals to build a great sound.

The album is solid throughout, with lots of well written tracks coming together to keep the listener interested, such as “Sky Burial” which has a really well written style, with a powerful build-up throughout until heavier riffs later on. There’s also “ Paraside” which is a really dark sounding song with hefty riffs and a brooding atmosphere.

The album closes on “Cycle” which is a melancholic sounding song with some really well performed vocals with lots of emotion put into them. The chorus has a lot of power and this is a really nice close to the album, with interesting changes throughout the track.

The production is really quite tight, with well recorded and produced guitars meeting a really solid rhythm section sound to make a great hefty sound over which vocals are mixed nicely. There are some quieter sections throughout the album and these have been done well too.

“Why Follow Road So Narrow” is a really good album actually, and I feel it goes over and above the grunge sound it claims to follow, with overall better musicianship than the average grunge band had back in the day, and with what I feel is a totally different attitude with some really hefty riffs that definitely border on metal and some really well put together songs.

4 Star Rating

1. Not of This Time
2. My Charade
3. EOL
4. Sky Burial
5. Blackened Mind
6. Paraside
7. Still Ain't Lost My Way
8. Unto Utter Desolation
9. Yet Here We Are
10. Cycle
Antti Jokiranta - vocals, guitar
Jouni Yli-Rantala - drums
Juha Järvelä - bass
Record Label: Ruined Entertainment


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