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Revenience – Daedalum

by Johnny Jackal at 27 July 2016, 6:50 PM

Most female fronted Metal bands will always be compared to the likes of LACUNA COIL, EPICA and WITHIN TEMPTATION - the bands that paved the way for serious female fronted bands. Before that you had bands like BITCH and WARLOCK that broke the barriers of the genre. You always have to be careful when you see a female lead singer because sometimes you think they are there only for their looks and not much else.

This is a good release, not great but it has some very good elements and a singer that proves that she is there because of her talent before anything else.

The first song is “In a Landscape of Winter”. This is a very keyboard-oriented instrumental song. It reminded me a lot of music from video games; particularly RPGs of the 90’s - the peak of the video game genre in my honest opinion.

The second song is “Blown Away”. I thought the intro sounded like some old SYMPHONY X songs. You have the female vocalist but also some growling in the background. I felt this sounded a lot like a very underrated band called ECHOES OF ETERNITY, which I saw in concert a number of years back. There is a whole lot of keyboards on this one!

The third song is “Shamble”. This sounded like early LACUNA COIL but I felt Debora Ceneri had trouble with keeping up the high notes on this one. It sounded like a heavier version of PARAMORE. This song is more commercially driven than any other on the album.

The fourth song is “Flail”. It takes some time to start up and it hurts the overall value of the song. It begins with some slow and heavy breathing and then the keyboards and guitars come to life. There is more emphasis on the music than on the vocals on this one. You have a nice touch of growling vocals that are much more present than on the second song of the album. It’s a really nice contrast.

The fifth song is “Lone Island”. It has a really nice piano intro and is a pure ballad. It’s not too cheesy and the singer pours her heart out on this one. It’s a really nice vocal performance and shows a lot of emotion and passion.

The sixth song is “A Maze”. This is the heaviest song of the album. It has the best keyboard solos as well. It is a song that is more Progressive Metal than anything else; with a lot of breakdowns and sudden rhythm changes. The dual vocals on this one add a lot of depth to the quality of the song. This is probably the best song of the album.

The seventh song is “Not My Choice”. It almost has a KMFDM-esque intro, but unfortunately, it has some very repetitive guitar work and might be the weakest song of the album. It sounded a lot like EVANESCENCE; something that is mid-tempo and that could play on modern rock stations.

The eighth song is “Revenant”. It has a really nice piano intro with some violin. It’s the shortest song of the album and it’s a nice change of pace. It’s a really good segue into the last song of the album.

The last song is called “Shadows and Silence”. It has an awesome dual keyboard-drum intro, which leads to prototypical Symphonic Goth Metal. I did however feel that the vocals would have fit more on a Folk Metal song than this one. It is the longest song of the album and would have benefited from being a bit shorter; it felt drawn out and too extensive at moments. It’s a nice song and a nice way to finish the album but I felt it was far too long.

REVENIENCE are a nice surprise and something to lookout for in the near future.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

  1. In A Landscape of Winter
  2. Blown Away by the Wind
  3. Shamble
  4. Flail
  5. Lone Island
  6. A-Maze
  7. No My Choice
  8. Revenant
  9. Shadows and Silence
Debora Ceneri: Vocals
Simone Spolzino: Drums
Fausto De Bellis: Bass
Michele Di Lauro: Guitar
Pasquale Barile: Keyboards
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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