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Reverence – The Asthenic Ascension

The Asthenic Ascension
by Jorge “The Zarto” Zamudio at 14 May 2012, 6:16 PM

Holy Shit, this is what I’m talking about, good experimental Black Metal, hell this has to be one of the releases of the year, this album is anything but “Asthenic” (low energy, shy personality), it’s full of energy, of rawness, of atmospheres, this release has everything a fan of Black Metal needs.

First of all, the guitars here could be one of the greatest I’ve heard in Black Metal, they remain between catchy and fast, memorably and hard, easy to remember, and easy to get attached to, the drum-n-bass section is good, they have moments where everything comes together perfectly, with parts unconventional, and captivating, the few but great atmospheric parts are really awesome, not because there are something new, but because they have been put in the exact moment of the songs, recalling EMPEROR’s best days, but with a little difference, the production is really good, making the sound of every instrument highlight when they have to, and as for the “experimental” moments, this time it has nothing to do with beat boxes or shit like that, they are more like screams, and really cryptic moments, making this album more beautiful than it was.

REVERENCE is a dark band, making highlight songs, with rare and perturbing atmospheres, cries and screams, potent, pure and most important, with hard work in every track, maybe someday, not so far, this will become a higher band, getting the respect and admiration that they truly deserve. 

5 Star Rating

1. Earth
2. Darwin's Black Hall
3. The Descent
4. Psalm IV
5. Ghost of Dust
6. Cold Room
7. Genesis of Everything
8. Those Who Believed
9. The Asthenic Ascension
Eguil Voisin - Bass
Vincent Roubière - Drums
I. Luciferia - Vocals, Guitar
Record Label: Candlelight Records


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