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Reverend - Play God (Reissue) Award winner

Play God (Reissue)
by Dan Mailer at 08 August 2014, 6:35 AM

Following on from my review of REVEREND’S first album World Won’t Miss You, today’s review is for their second album reissue from Divebomb Records, Play God. Again featuring ex METAL CHURCH singer David Wayne (RIP) and a slightly different lineup, this is a stronger album with a slightly more developed and upgraded sound and style.

Opening up with Butcher Of Baghdad’s epic power chords layered with synth strings, you can tell right away this is another slice of classic REVEREND material, with some majestic melodies before hitting into the main Thrashier riffs of the song. This is some really heavy stuff, with some awesome hard hitting drumming that builds and releases tension with ease, with some great vocals once again.
Overall this is a bit more diverse, with a lot smoother vocals and clean guitar moments offering a nice contrast to the darker and heavier moments present throughout. Songs offer plenty of different moments, such as in Promised Land which conveys this pretty well. There are some more straight up rockers like Heaven On Earth and Blackened Thrive as well which have a nice classic mid-tempo thrash feel. Title track Play God is nice and epic as you’d hope for, making for a very well written and emotive song with plenty of different passages.

The album itself ends on Far Away which begins with some nice acoustic guitars and melodic lead guitar, with some well performed clean vocals too’ this is quite a short one but it makes sure the album ends on something quite different! The rest of this reissue is live bonus tracks, which are quite well recorded actually, and well performed too, so definitely worth a look-in!

The production again is a supped up re-mastered edition of the original, sounding a little clearer and more powerful again, making it worthwhile for those who have the original and want a little extra.

Play God is definitely a must have for fans of old-school thrash metal, and this reissue re-affirms what made bands like this and the Thrash Metal movement as a whole so special!

4 Star Rating

1. Butcher Of Baghdad
2. Heaven On Earth
3. Fortunate Son
4. Blessings
5. Promised Land
6. Play God
7. Warp The Mind
8. What You’re Looking For
9. Blackened Thrive
10. Death Of Me
11. Far Away
12. Gunpoint \[Live Bonus]
13. World Won’t Miss You  \[Live Bonus]
14. Scattered Wits  \[Live Bonus]
15. B.O.B  \[Live Bonus]
16. Promised Land  \[Live Bonus]
17. Power Of Persuasion  \[Live Bonus]
David Wayne - Vocals
Jason Rosenfeld - Drums, Percussion
Angelo Espino - Bass, Backing Vocals
Brian Korban - Guitars, Keyboards
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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