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Reverend - World Won't Miss You (Reissue) Award winner

World Won't Miss You (Reissue)
by Dan Mailer at 05 August 2014, 6:24 PM

Now, I hadn’t heard of the band REVEREND before being sent this but I had heard of their singer for this album, the late David Wayne, and his ex-band METAL CHURCH! It just happens that when David was replaced, he was actually replaced by REVEREND’S singer Mike Howe, who was replaced in REVEREND by David Wayne. Confusing? Well this is one of the albums that came out of the chaos, and it’s pretty damn good!

Kicking off with Remission, the band kicks straight into a heavy riff before hitting a bass groove with some nice power chords over the top. The vocals are exactly what you’d expect from the ex-METAL CHURCH man, and there are riffs aplenty here! This is a good track to kick things off with plenty of heaviness and some good old traditional thrash metal material, with some great musicianship and a classic sound.

From tracks that could have well been thrash classic like Scattered Winds (a sort of epic ballad track that gets progressively heavier) to solid head bangers like Desperate which feels a bit more Anthrax-ish in style, this is definitely an album for those who want to get a slice of some classic metal that they may not have actually heard back when it came out.

There’s also an actual ballad here as well as the aforementioned Thrashier track, in “Leader Of Fools” which features some great clean guitar and some nice vocal harmonies too! This is contrasted nicely with the track that follows it which is the nice speedy title track “World Won’t Miss You” which has some political overtones as well as a generally awesome thrash sound, making this another perhaps overlooked classic on the album.

Another couple of highlights of the album include “Rude Awakening” which is a good solid track full of heavy riffs, and “Killing Time” which has a nice speedy feel to it and plenty of heaviness too, and of course a thrashed-up Sabbath cover in “Hand Of Doom” which is quite interesting with the band’s spin on it, with some quite interesting approaches to the vocals and riffs!

11th Hour” finishes the album proper with a nice heavy track to finish up on a bang. This one has a good sense of groove to the riffs with some tasty basslines too. There are some interesting bonus tracks after this, which I don’t want to spoil too much for potential buyers but I will say they are pretty cool and have quite a different sound to them!

This being a reissue, it has of course been re-mastered. It doesn’t sound too far from how it would have sounded back in the day but the mix is clearer and more powerful sounding here, so it’s definitely worth checking out!

“World Won’t Miss You” is worth checking out, whether you know and love Reverend, or if you’ve never heard of them but love 80s thrash metal. This is a pure and heavy album, and needs the recognition!


4 Star Rating

1. Remission
2. Another Form Of Greed
3. Scattered Wits
4. Desperate
5. Leader Of Fools
6. World Won’t Miss You
7. Rude Awakening
8. Gunpoint
9. Killing Time
10. Hand Of Doom
11. 11th Hour
12. Power of Persuasion *
13. Dimensional Confusion *
14. Wretched Excess *
15. Ritual *
Robb Steele - Vocals
Jason Martinez - Guitars
Nacho Vara - Guitars
Marco Villareal - Bass
Record Label: Divebomb Records


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