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ReVertigo - ReVertigo

by Martin Knap at 25 April 2018, 8:05 AM

If you haven’t heard about REVERTIGO, it is a collaborative project between Anders Wikström and Mats Leven, and one thing that can be said straight away is that these two gentlemen have class and passion for the music. Wikström and Leven go way back. Leven is currently CANDLEMASS' lead singer, is known for his collaboration with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, TRANS-SIBRIAN ORCHESTRA and THERION. His singing career began in Swedish hard rock/glam metal bands SWEDISH EROTICA and TREAT and with this project we see him getting back to his hard-rock roots. Anders Wikström, who is still active in TREAT, has teamed up with his former band mate and friend to please the hard-rocking crowd with some good old melodic hard rock.

REVERTIGO’s sound is obviously rooted in hard rock, but I wouldn’t say that they sound retro. They don’t sound like an obvious homage to the bands whose sound inspired their music. Like other modern rock bands that play riff-oriented rock such as STONE TEMPLE PILOTS or FOO FIGHTERS they rework their influences into a new form, thus not sounding derivative. And boy do these guys know how to rock. The songs are full of driving melodies, great instrumental arrangements and big, poppy choruses, some reaching BON JOVI levels of bombast. To me they definitely sound less traditionalist than the music that EUROPE or John Norum are dropping these days.

The album kick off with an energetic rocker called “Hoodwinked”, which sounds like classic hard-rock but with a big radio rock chorus, that is catchy but not saccharine. Second song “Sailing Stones” is another more hard-rock sounding song, and again, the chorus is super catchy, with the synths and backing vocals giving it a bit of a radio rock feeling. The label may have negative connotations, but don’t get me wrong, I absolutely dig it. “Symphony of Fallen Angels” is one of the more pop-oriented songs, with a stomping rhythm, driving melody and a chorus so big you can only call it anthemic. The impact is heightened by a meaty riff in the chorus contrasting with the subdued presence of the guitar in the verse.

“Gate of the Gods” is a personal favorite here. It’s a more synth-driven song, I love the retro electronica touches in the instrumental arrangement of this song, there’s even a tasteful synth solo. I have to admit that I’m kind of blown away by the ballad “Unobtainum”. It features a quirky koto (or Japanese zither) riff and obviously Leven is cut out for carrying a ballad vocally, but man, the guy’s singig really shines here. The lyrics might be absolute sentimental fluff, but the music has such a sense of urgency, that I just can’t help but to eat that shit up. The songs on the latter half of the album are mostly guitar-driven, “Luciferian Breakup” is a straight forward groovy song with a tad of blues-rock feeling too it. The chorus on “Break Away” ventures into alt rock waters (but just ankle-deep), and I see how this could be a bit annoying for some people, but to me this song is enjoyable nonetheless.

We know that Wikström and Leven have in them, but this release is excellent and surely will fulfill and perhaps surpass people‘s expectations. There is nothing grounbreaking here, but the music is so joyous and well done, it’s just a pleasure to come back to it. This album is worthy of the names of these two gentleman.

4 Star Rating

1. Hoodwinked
2. Sailing Stones
3. Symphony Of Fallen Angels
4. The Cause
5. Gate Of The Gods
6. False Flag
7. Unobtainium
8. Luciferian Break Up
9. Joan Of Arc
10. Break Away
11. In Revertigo
Mats Levén - Lead Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards
Anders Wikström - Guitars, Bass, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Thomas Broman - Drums
Record Label: Frontiers Music


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