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Revocation - Revocation

by Salvador Aguinaga II at 01 July 2013, 2:49 PM

After the well-received “Chaos of Forms” it was only natural their next release would be highly anticipated by moi. In fact I didn’t even know about it until my editor received it and ask for it to be reviewed. I’m lying, I wasn’t looking forward to this release in any special way (I was neutral), but since I loved their last effort I thought I’d give it a shot anyway. After one quick run through, I have mixed feelings about it. Sadly for the readers, more negative than positive. By this time, I’m aware there’s a single called “The Hive” which is the first track actually. Know this, if you loved that track than you might love this album. I hated that track, in my opinion it was rather bland and mediocre. The majority of this album kind of has the same vibe as “The Hive”. I guess you can use that song as a gateway to predict your own liking of the album. Chances are if you thought it was below average or unbearably bad than chances are you will not like this album. Likewise if you loved that track or thought it was superb you won’t be disappointed by this self-titled album.

The thing about David Davidson (what were his parents thinking, not clever at all) is his vocals are an acquired taste. I’ve heard people say David Disanto (VEKTOR) is an acquired taste as well. True, but all the naysayers pretty much don’t know a thing about vocals. His vocals are gorgeous. As for Davidson, I’m on the negative side on the spectrum. He’s got a rather strange way about screaming. It’s like someone is constantly punching him in the throat over and over and is immune to the pummeling. What I love about REVOCATION is his band mates actually make him sound fitting if they are in sync with him. Only if they are in sync, otherwise the band is quite obnoxious. It’s about fifty-fifty on this release.

Musically, this release isn’t too far off from the vocalist. I seriously believe they’ve downgraded. The only excuse I can make in their defense is this is an experimental phase. The majority of the influence I hear is Jeff Loomis all over the place. The song structure is quite similar to his latest “Plains of Oblivion”. The technical constructed solos and underlying groovy metal riffs underneath. Though I personally think REVOCATION took it a bit too far when they started sounding Nu-Metal–ish and slowly seeing eye-to-eye with SLIPKNOT. Their solos weren’t too bad, but riffs suffered from the “groove” disease. Mind you, not all riffs suffered said disease. Some riffs were catchy and interesting, others were pretty simple. And some were pretty mediocre, sadly filler.

The drums, well they followed in the same footsteps as the guitars and vocalists. The first two tracks were unbelievable dull and soulless. All you could hear is a concentrated effort to synchronize with a 4-track. It would deviate from time to time only trying to prove that my theory was not true. Though once “Arch Fiend” came onto my speakers some passionate drumming finally showed itself. My grouchy “scrooge persona” was no more and I was a smiling fool. They say all good things come to an end, and boy they couldn’t be more right. Around track six, the drummer had lost all his testosterone and started repeating what he did formerly.

As you can see this album has its ups and downs. For some, all my info could be totally inaccurate and are going to love this album regardless since REVOCATION’s name is stapled on it. I really can’t stand folks like that, praising mediocre albums by well-known underground bands just because they released it. I can understand if some people enjoy this album, but this album is nowhere near spectacular. I know they are more capable than this and I’ll be waiting for that. 

2 Star Rating

1. The Hive
2. Scattering the Flock
3. Arch Fiend
4. Numbing Agents
5. Fracked
6. The Gift You Gave
7. Invidious
8. Spastic
9. Entombed by Wealth
10. A Visitation
Phil Dubois-Coyne - Drums
David Davidson - Guitars, Vocals
Dan Gargiulo - Guitars, Vocals
Brett Bamberger - Bass
Record Label: Relapse Records


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