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Revolutio – Vagrant

by V. Srikar at 23 September 2018, 2:10 PM

Italian post-apocalyptic thrashers REVOLUTIO are reelasing their debut full length album "Vagrant" this November 9th through Inverse Records, and it does look intriguing from the album art work as well as the little music that I have listened of them so far. The album starts with a 36 second instrumental of siren and a big thunder blast with the song title “Aftermath”.  “Meek and the Bold” is more of what you should be expecting in this album. Its rhythmic, fast paced, and somewhat catchy the more you listen to it. Its not Groove Metal, but has that LAMB OF GOD vibe going for it. The blastbeats and the plummeting guitar work in “What Breaks Inside” is a sound that zillions of Thrash bands have done before, but REVOLUTIO brings in something new to the table with their duel styled vocals, one being cleans and the other being spooky masculine.

The Oracle” has a unique flute kind of music to start with, before going on a blastbeat filled Trans universal journey that you only have to listen to experience and understand it. The backing gang vocals add so much character to the music, which is so unique to what the band is trying to do here. Throw in some cheesy guitar solos in the middle and you have got a great song here. “Ozymandias” is fast, heavy and anthemic and sounds just about right for the post-apocalyptic theme that the lyrics carry around here. “Eclipse” is a great 2 min instrumental that has some great guitar work, and doesn’t sound out of place in the album. “Silver Dawn” is a slow burner, which takes you deeper into the nihilistic post-apocalyptic feeling. The vocals on this one are great and do stand out than some of the other songs here.

Requiem” has a METALLICA feel to it especially due to the clean screaming vocals of Maurizio Di Timoteo. “Daydream” is another slow burner, but does pick up the pace half way through and is not a very impressive in its sound and doesn’t bring much new to the table. “The Great Silence” is literally a very long silence amidst the sound of wind and leaves flying. Unexpected, but great. “Vagrant” is a great concept driven album that is going to make fans of the Groove / Thrash genre stand up and take notice of the new band in town, but sadly a few week songs in the middle stop it from becoming a classic. Just 4 words - A great debut album.

Production: 9
Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Aftermath
2. Meek and the Bold
3. What Breaks Inside
4. The Oracle
5. Ozymandias
6. Eclipse
7. Silver Dawn
8. Requiem
9. Daydream
10. The Great Silence
Francesco Querzè - Bass
Davide Pulito - Drums
Maurizio Di Timoteo - Vocals, Guitars (rhythm)
Record Label: Inverse Records


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