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Revolution Renaissance - Trinity

Revolution Renaissance
by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 28 September 2010, 7:09 PM

The stories behind Timo's departure from his brainchild STRATOVARIUS are known to the majority of the Metal scene and I believe everyone has an opinion about whose to blame. The only truth about all these is that STRATOVARIUS continue without Timo and I have to say this does not look like the Finnish band we all loved. But this is just my own perspective.

Nevertheless, Timo created REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE to continue his contribution to the Metal scene and since the birth of this band, two albums have been released. "Trinity" is the third album and, according to Timo's bulletin at the band's myspace, this will be their last. I do not know about the rest of you but I feel a little sad about this, since I strongly believe that we will miss his guitar playing and composition skills.

The first REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE was a blast with the guest singers and the inspired guitar work showing that Timo was still going strong. But, the next album "Age Of Aquarius" did not meet the raised expectations and if you add the inevitable comparison to STRATOVARIUS, it failed to keep the gathered momentum at high levels. So, this is REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE's last chapter and let us see what taste will leave this one…

"Marching With The Fools" opens the album with some hearty guitar finger work laying down Timo's weaponry and signature playing. This song has all the Power Metal virtues that the early STRATOVARIUS albums possess. Gus Monsanto is behind the mic stand and in general, does a good job holding the high pitch this Metal genre requires. On the other hand, during the ultra high pitches, Gus presents an unstable timbre giving the impression that he is trying to do more than his voice is capable of. But, this is just a minor glitch that can be neglected if one focuses on the killer guitars that most of the Power Metal fans miss from Timo. "A Lot Like Me" slows things down a little bit featuring the trademark keyboard/guitar recipe with such an addictive groove that will keep humming the main melody from the first listening. There is absolutely no doubt that Timo still has his guitar playing mojo intact and the solo in this track simply underlines my saying. Despite the fact that this is the band's final release, "Trinity" carries an uplifting mood atmosphere that is so recognizable in the STRATOVARIUS albums. "The World Doesn't Get To Me" is right on this track also comprising some really optimistic lyrics that have nothing to do with the "Age Of The Aquarius" darker atmosphere. "Crossing The Rubicon" is another Power Metal gem with killer double drum pedaling, staccato guitar rhythm and catchy chorus. If only the singer could handle the higher pitches better…

"Trinity" is the definite highlight of the album and not only due to its time duration that clocks something more than 10 minutes. This track is 100% epic with a killer bass guitar sound and -of course- the sing along guitar leads. Here you can enjoy all the Power Metal virtues spanning from the up-tempo solid rhythms of the German scene (you can also call them early HELLOWEEN influences) until the "Visions" signatures STRATOVARIUS melodies. I really love how the tension built during the slow keyboard/vocal part breaks out via the killer guitar solo and the mid tempo drum-bass guitar work. The chorus lines and the minor orchestration in this track will take you to the "Elements" STRATOVARIUS works.

The bottom line here is that "Trinity" is a very good album that could support REVOLUTION RENAISSANCE fan base. It is really sad that Timo decided to end this journey so early. Let's hope that the reaction from the media and the fans (this is most important) will convince him to -at least- reconsider his decision.

3 Star Rating

  1. Marching With the Fools
  2. Falling to Rise
  3. A Lot Like Me
  4. The World Doesn't Get To Me
  5. Crossing the Rubicon
  6. Just Let It Rain
  7. Dreamchild
  8. Trinity
  9. Frozen Winter Heart
Timo Tolkki - Guitars
Magnus Rosen - Bass
Bob Kastionis - Keyboards
Gus Monsanto - Vocals
Bruno Agra - Drums
Record Label: Napalm Records


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