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Revulsion – Enough To Bleed

Enough To Bleed
by Joseph Hausmann at 30 March 2020, 12:43 PM

REVULSION is set to release their debut album "Enough To Bleed" through BDHW Records on April 10th 2020. The band has been gathering a small following with some earlier EP releases and look to continue building that support with this album. "Enough To Bleed" features a variety of high-octane energy and ear crushing music. This is one intense hell ride!

"Enough To Feel" kicks off the album with just enough groove to get you banging your head before abruptly changing course into a chaotic riff laden experience. This track is one hell of a wall of sound. "Dirt" gives us screeching guitar tones layered on heavy riffs paired with an all-out vocal assault. The vocal work is savage and full of intensity. The breakdown mid-track really brings in the bone crushing riffs before slowing down to an almost sludge like style.

"In Darkness" gives us one massive wall of sound. The riffs are extreme as they begin slow, and then speed up quickly throughout the track giving the feel of a tug of war between the sounds. "Antaganism" keeps the same fast-paced intensity heard throughout the album. REVULSION never lets up off the gas pedal and careens us into an even more chaotic ride. As the album continues, the chaos begins to swell. Half way through the track everything drops out into a vicious breakdown layered with more savage vocals.

"Revulsion" really kicks this album into gear. The chorus breaks into a head banging festival as the feel of the track really amps you up. The instrumental then breaks down into a heavy, sludgy groove that drives the track home. "Unbaptised" uses some unique drum work where the cymbal and snare are hitting together giving it an interesting tone, paired with discordant tones of the guitars, giving the song a truly chaotic feel. Your ears want to focus on more than one sound throughout this track but they abruptly change when you set that focus. This gives the song a very unpredictable direction, something I enjoyed. "Conflagration" is one consistent wall of heaviness. This track will beat you down and not let you up. The instrumentals are crushing with their heavy riffs.

There are a few more tracks on “Enough To Bleed” but as always I want you to experience them for yourself. The entire album is heavy as hell. The instrumentals are the shining star in this album and you can tell that they wanted them to be the focal point of the album. The tracks on this album are short and to the point which I would normally like to see more length, but given their intensity, I think they hit the mark with those short tracks. REVULSION has produced a solid debut album and I am excited to see what else they have in their heavy arsenal. I think fans across the Metal spectrum will find something that they will enjoy about this album but I do warn you to enter this album at your own risk. You will have your face melted off by those brutal instrumentals!

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Enough To Feel
2. Dirt
3. In Darkness
4. Antagonism
5. Revulsion
6. Paralysis
7. Conflagration
8. Distress
9. The Reckoning Noise
10. The Pain Process
Andrew Wilson – Vocals
Paul Johnston – Guitar
Duncan Fyfe – Guitar
Ben Campbell – Bass/Vocals
Craig Brown – Drums
Record Label: BDHW Records


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Edited 10 December 2022

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