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Rex Defunctis - Tenebram Vobiscum

Rex Defunctis
Tenebram Vobiscum
by Kayla Hutton at 10 May 2018, 6:46 AM

Released April 30th 2018 through Chaos Records is “Tenebram Vobiscum” by REX DEFUNCTIS. Hailing from Monterrey , Nuevo Leon, Mexico and formed in 2015 this marks the debut album for REX DEFUNCTIS. A short and sweet E.P. that has four songs total, however the songs average about seven minutes in length, true to form for most Death/Doom Metal. “Necremia” sets the tone and you are surrounded by the sounds of rain drops falling as the sky cracks open. Then, yikes. Spoken word that is not in key and sounds totally out of place. Inward slides the full band bringing the mood of doom and gloom. I’m still trying to shake the spoken word part. Two minutes in and the pace is sped up, well sped up for doom metal, and the growled vocals, despite being way above the mix, are a welcomed delight. The music is filled with emotions of sorrow, regret and barely being able to keep moving forward. Proof that a language barrier doesn't stop one’s ability to interpret the message and take what ya need from it. Relying on simplistic power chords and muted open strings help keep it clean and radiate that tight bonded sound. 7 minute mark and the singer is doing it again. The gracious melody of doom is good enough to override whatever it is that the singer decided to do there.

The second track, “Alucarda” features a movie sample intro that becomes stratified by a slow and heavily distorted riff. O.K. now I get it, the singer is trying to use a voice that drips with eerie, vampiric, or demonically possessed tones. 1:20 into “Alucarda” and here we go. The drummer picks up the pace and the muted single notes dribble between a one, two power chord strike in unison with a cymbal emphasis. The music has good grove and gains steady ground. The vibe thus far is garage band. The direction, the playability and the mixing. The vocalist sounds like he has a black metal influence as well as Bruce Dickinson when he attempts to replicate the evil laugh. The kick drum sounds good and the double bass work is dead on. The guitarist and drummer aren’t that bad. Room to grow, yes, but they are solid together.

Notice I haven't mentioned a bass player? By just listening to this E.P., I don't think there is one. But as you look at the line up list, you know that there is. Rene, I'd be pissed. You seem to be so down in the mix that it’s as if you aren’t even there. The YouTube video has a slight bass sound, likely due to the audio being in mono, but it at least provides what the final mix lacks. “Tenebram Vobiscum” over all is a rough start for a newer band. If the spoken word was dropped and with a good mix these guys could really own at making Doom/Death Metal.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Necremia
2. Alucarda
3. Psicotico Limbo Muerto
4. Rex Defunctis (including Pesadumbre)
Khabee - Vocals
Carlos Cavazos - Guitar
Rene Quiroz - Bass
Ruben Beltran - Drums
Record Label: Chaos Records


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