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Rexoria - Ice Breaker Award winner

Ice Breaker
by Quinten Serna at 15 October 2019, 9:07 PM

The conceptions of melody and harmony traditionally play a backseat role in Heavy Metal performing their duties as references to a deeper understanding of music theory and observed by enthusiasts and the scholarly, but are a rare implement as the focus of a song within the genre. REXORIA is unafraid to get their feet wet within the trepidations of sound and theory as their soundscape and compositions as a whole are built around these grandiose subjects; such studious efforts permeate every track whereupon each breadth is made with harmony and melody at its core, in lieu of raw energy or redirected aggression a focused approach weaves in cathartic passages.

Ice Breaker” is the band’s sophomore—reiterating the band’s penchant for releasing material every year since their inception—and picks up right where “Queen Of Light” ends, few albums are capable of feeling like a sequel to their predecessor rather than just new music yet this album encapsulates the feeling in full. “Velvet Heroes” has no elongated lead-in or prelude, but picks up immediately letting the listener know that speed and drive weren’t sacrificed for melody. The vocal transition between radio voice and standard fidelity is seamless and the harmonization between both voices is a hard mix to craft in and of itself. Objectively speaking “Reach For The Heavens In Time” is the prime candidate for best song on the album, with each instrument—including the voice—building upon one another to emulate each others’ timbre, repeat motifs in separate sections of the songs, seamlessly transition between each section, and end in anthemic stature.

The sound is immaculate and pristine, bolstered by the confidence of the group—technicality and complexity make up the foundation of the band’s sound but are themselves not the forefront of every song as the tracks lean towards heavy and catchy to the point where the listener does not have to sit down and focus in on the song to truly enjoy the music. Unlike BUCKETHEAD or Igor Stravinsky the tracks don’t require a degree in music theory to appreciate. The guitars are loud, heavy, and thick essentially perfect for the genre and defining for the band; the bass thick and booming; the drums tight and precise; and the vocals perfectly match the instrumentation ranging from relaxed and near fluttery to biting and reaching both of which we can hear in “Endless Nights”—’s approach is distinct and definitive having about itself a triumphant and unapologetic texture.

REXORIA remains true to their sound and exceeds expectations in fidelity, delivery, and performance. The band offers versatility and cleverly constructed compositions, from the aptly named “Roaring” to the slower “Var VerklingetREXORIA has crafted itself a large palette of songs to identify with, and though the thought of Melodic Heavy Metal doesn’t register with everyone, for those who enjoy the genre “Ice Breaker” is not an album to miss.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Velvet Heroes
2. Fight The Demons
3. Endless Nights
4. Into The Wild
5. Reach For The Heavens In Time
6. Ice Breaker
7. Wind And Rain
8. The Rise Of The Phoenix
9. Brothers Of Asgaard
10. The Raging Thunder
11. Roaring
12. Var Verklinget
Jonas Gustavsson—Bass and Guitars
Martin Gustavsson—Drums
Cristofer Svensson—Guitars
Frida Ohlin—Vocals
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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