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Rexoria - Imperial Dawn Award winner

Imperial Dawn
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 February 2023, 2:46 PM

As long as traditional Heavy Metal evolved and mutated, there are three sets of bands on can find:

- The ones who are keeping alive the old forms, without trying anything new;
- The ones that inherited a brutal weight and aggressiveness, like JUDAS PRIEST did on “Painkiller”;
- The ones that explore more accessible melodies inherited of Hard Rock, Glam Metal and even of Pop Rock.

It’s not a sin to say that acts in the third set above are making a revolution today, and the names of BATTLE BEAST and BEAST IN BLACK are known for doing such thing. But a new name is coming this way to be relevant into the scene: REXORIA, a quartet of Sweden, here represented by their third album, “Imperial Dawn”. The band brings a form of Melodic Heavy Metal that isn’t sounding as something moldy, or even a clone of another band. It’s clear that they mix the weight of Heavy Metal, but using bombastic melodies inherited from Pop Roc, Hard Rock, and even of Folk Music, all in a ‘package’ of heavy guitar riffs, solid rhythms created by bass guitar and drums, excellent vocals, and a set of keyboards arrangements to temper things up. It’s full of energy, carries a strong melodic and accessible appeal, and sounds alive and personal. It’s the right band, with the right disk for the ones that are bored of too many clones on the genre. “Imperial Dawn” has the hands of Stefan Hellblad (from WITHIN TEMPTATION) on the mixing, and it was mastered by Thomas “Plec” Johansson. So it’s easy to guarantee that the sonority of the album is strong, defined and truly heavy, but allowing the accessible arrangements to be heard.

A set of ten songs exists on “Imperial Dawn”, all of them being excellent pieces of music that will leave no one sat down. And this aspect can be heard clearly on moments as “Paradigm” (it’s a heavy and melodic song, but what remarkable and hooking chorus, and the combination of the vocals with the orchestrations is perfect), “The New Revolution” (where the accessible side of their music becomes clear, with Pop melodies arising during the chorus due the vocals, backing vocals and keyboards contrasts, but the guitars are unleashing excellent and heavy riffs and solos), “Devious Desire” (some Folk/Pop melodies appears on the keyboards’ arrangements, but the rhythmic conductions of bass guitar and drums are solid as a rock), “Rage and Madness” (a Power Metal song adorned with accessible elements, with fast and good tempos), “Fading Rose” (a song with an appeal inherited of Hard Rock of the 80’s, and what lovely melodies can be heard), “Horizon” (another accessible moment, but’s full of spearheading melodic arrangements), and “Enchanted Island”. But pay attention: these songs are just a mere referential frame, because this album is truly homogeneous.

“Imperial Dawn” shows a band that still have a lot of potential to be turned into outstanding music. Listen to the album, and check as REXORIA can become a great name in the near future.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Paradigm
2. The New Revolution
3. Devious Desire
4. Rage and Madness
5. Fading Rose
6. Light Up the Sky
7. Horizon
8. Set Me on Fire
9. Crushing for More
10. Enchanted Island
Frida Ohlin - Vocals
Cristofer Svensson - Guitars
Jonas Gustavsson - Guitars, Bass
Martin Gustavsson - Drums
Edwin Premberg - Keyboards (session)
Record Label: Black Lodge Records


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