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Rezet - Civic Nightmares

Civic Nightmares
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 02 April 2012, 2:21 PM

This is certainly not an album that is a part of the new wave of Thrash Metal that has been taking over the US and Western Europe. While most bands seek the aggressive power of the modern sound along with infliction not only taken from the old guard of the subgenre, there is a handful of bands that along with their appreciation to the past, find themselves breathing, composing and sound like the earlier years when Thrash Metal was still in its kiddy pajamas. I didn’t have the opportunity to listen to the German REZET’s debut album, “Have Gun, Will Travel”, very similar to the title of the old 1997 MEGADETH track, yet I will certainly come back to it, especially after I listened to the brainstorming menace of their new “Civic Nightmares” release, first via their new label of Twilight Vertrieb.

I won’t start calling their music Progressive Thrash as it is certainly not in the likes of starts like WATCHTOWER or VOIVOD, yet REZET’s music is pretty complex but not in the way of many other Progressive Thrash groups. Though the first acoustic notes reminded me of old METALLICA, those developed to its counterpart, MEGADETH and another American bestial monstrosity in the image of old SLAYER. I know that MEGADETH had lots of changes throughout the years, but I am sure many will agree with me that the period of “Killing Is My Business… And Business Is Good”, “Peace Sells… But Who’s Buying”, “Show No Mercy” and “Hell Awaits” had a special magic to it. It was another stage of development in Speed Metal and its meld with Thrash. When I listened to REZET it wasn’t blasting with heaviness like the NWOBHM oriented Bay Area Thrash in the late 80s, it shared complex riffing along shifts between Heavy, Speed and even something that sounded like raw Jazz and Hard Rock licks.

The intricacy of the music, mostly similar to the older Mustaine works after his departure from METALLICA, came alive in a rather underdone manner in REZET’s new album. Most of the lead guitar by Ricky Wagner&  Thorben Schulzgestured memories of greatness along the fascinating riffing that went under those and as main rhythms. The rhythm section itself by Sascha Marth & Bastian Santen kept me dazzled by its diversity. It seemed to me that REZET didn’t settle for just being your regular Thrash Metal band; they went on being extreme in their journey for glory. Their peak performance led me to admire “Rezet to Zero”, “Charity (The Preacher)” (Amazing acoustic C part that was like a dream), “The Quest”, “Black Convent” and “Gargantua”.

In the coming future I think that REZET should try to take a look on several of their rhythms due to the fact that there were moments where their extreme quest made me twitch because it was sometimes hard on listening to the material. Sometimes making things a little bit simple without making alterations which will cause brain hemorrhage would be way better. “Civic Nightmares” is a highly suggested release and I think that old era MEGADETH fans will be captivated by it. 

4 Star Rating

1. The Quest
2. Combat Shock
3. Out For Blood
4. Charity (The Preacher)
5. Full Throttle
6. Visions From Beyond
7. Gargantua
8. Rezet to Zero
9. Black Convent
10. The Terror Strikes Back 
Ricky Wagner- Lead Guitar, Vocals
Sascha Marth- Bass Guitar, Back-Up Vocals
Thorben Schulz- Lead Guitar
Bastian Santen- Drums
Record Label: Twilight Vertrieb


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