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Rhino Bucket - The Last Real Rock N' Roll

Rhino Bucket
The Last Real Rock N' Roll
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 30 July 2017, 10:31 PM

Same old news, same old style, same old stuff. When it stuck, it is stuck, and it doesn’t appear to bother. It is about what will sound good and in the closest proximity to the image. And here I go again with an AC/DC devotee, a crazed up influenced type that I have already visited at least twice in my lifetime. I got to know the Californian RHINO BUCKET back in 2009 with their fifth album “The Hardest Town”, a chip off the old Aussie block of AC/DC, another attempt to relive the vintage crunch Hard Rock sensation that emerged from the down under. After the good impression of the former, I moved on later to “Who’s Got Mine?”, which told the same story all over again but with a different cover and a few American driven aspects. And then, studio silence for almost six years. However, through that time period RHINO BUCKET toured more and got bigger in time. For 2017, they are back with new material, still with Acetate Records, that came under the title “The Last Real Rock N’ Roll”.

With the selected title RHINO BUCKET set a sort of an imaginary dare, a kind of standard for how Rock N’ Roll should sound like in 2017. Well, they might have a point. Bringing forward to the table the old 70s vibe, truly rejuvenated Rock to be relevant in a time where there are calls that it has been already dead. Nonetheless, when it comes to RHINO BUCKET’s platter, they are still the ardent supporters of the Aussie giants AC/DC, constantly following their 70s era, featuring Bon Scott, talking the talk and walking the walk, sharp edged guitar sound that cuts like a knife and same overall musical presence. Therefore, I wouldn’t be looking for an own signature, certainly not the last of them all. Even so, “The Last Real Rock N' Roll”, though marginally smells and tastes similar, is a smooth continuation of a legacy formed back in the mid-80s, and it is still going full speed ahead, ramming down stop signs.

Generally, “The Last Real Rock N' Roll” feels like the first three albums of AC/DC, heading a bit back towards the veils of Boogie Rock and Blues, other than the chops that came afterwards near the end of the 70s. The songwriting, is basic, somewhat generic and can be repetitive, yet with an ample lyric sense that is quite solid.  The catchy captain crunch “So Long” took the first spin as the album’s top effort, taking on a good vibe Hard Rock while “It's A Sin” sharpened the knife on a bit heavier note. “Misery” stood by what it meant, being slightly gloomy, felt much deeper than most of the other songs in comparison. I also found greatness within “Hello Citizens”, “The Devil You Know”, “I'm Your Doctor”, the wicked “Bang My Drum” and the drunken fever of “Falling Down The Stairs”.

Essentially, there you have an American spirited album, bearing the Aussie gods of Rock N’ Roll in its crosshairs. It might be digesting itself sometimes, but be sure that it will rock your senses.

Purchase Link: Acetate Records

3 Star Rating

1. Hello Citizens
2. Everything You Do
3. Last Call
4. I'm Your Doctor
5. So Long
6. It's A Sin
7. Forgiveness
8. Bang My Drum
9. Swing And A Miss
10. Falling Down The Stairs
11. Misery
12. The Devil You Know
Georg Dolivo - Vocals / Rhythm Guitar
Brian “Damage” Forsythe - Lead Guitar / Backing vocals
Reeve Downes - Bass / Backing Vocals
Dave DuCey - Drums
Record Label: Acetate Records


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