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Rhodium - Sea of the Dead Award winner

Sea of the Dead
by Neil Cook at 17 January 2020, 7:15 PM

RHODIUM, are a Greek Heavy/Power Metal band formed in 2017. With one album, "Scream Into The Void," released in 2018 to critical and listeners acclaim, they return with this new collection entitled "Sea Of The Dead". With Guitarist Loukas Wolv Antoniou composing the music, and with lyrics from Aspasia Feanor Pizga, the albums 10 songs all tell strong stories to motivate the listener to stand up to the adversity around them.

The intro  “A Path of Wrath”  and “Man Of Honour”, according to the bands website are about the deep subject of pedophilia, to encourage people to stand up to abusers. Well if it does this or not, perhaps more listens will tell, but a fine opening salvo, which sets the tone for the album moving forward.

Delirio and First Light Of Day showcase Mike Livas vocal range, from a deep sonorous almost baritone, to sounding like a power metal Axl Rose (and I mean no disrespect by this). The latter song has more than a bit of QUEENSRYCHE in its DNA.

The title track “Sea Of The Dead” is a bombastic, almost operatic slice of polished power metal, with a sad message, dedicated to the people who have lost their lives fleeing war in the cold Aegean sea.

“The Emperor”, offers the listener with a history lesson regarding the fall of Constantinoupolis in 1453.  It is also a sequel to the song “The Fall” from their first album.  If history had been taught like this in school, I would definitely learnt more.

“Sisters Of Fate”, brings to mind Queensryche again, the guest vocals of Iliana Taskiraki, evoking a sound not dissimilar to Suite Sister Mary, from a personal favorite Operation Mindcrime. Definitely a high watermark from a consistently high quality album.

“Tapestry Of Time”, is an evocative slower burn, asking the question “will you still remember me in the tapestry of time?”, will you still love me when I’m gone? The sentiment enforced by an amazing guitar solo, a beautiful song.

The last two songs bring the album to a satisfying close.  “Fight Back” a rousing call to arms of a song, stand up and push back! Bass and drums getting the blood pumping as the track thunders on into “Doomsday”.  A fast powerful Si-Fi epic about a virus bringing about the end of the world. This is a bonus track, but it merits its place on the album, with screaming guitars and a real kick to the drum sound, a very satisfying culmination of a really outstanding album.

I find it hard to criticize this collection of songs, I love the vocals, the guitarists compliment each other and the rhythm section are rock solid, and the use of additional musicians where needed is done to the betterment of the song. Perhaps the messages and emotions some of the songs are supposed to express are heavy ones, mental illness, loss, alienation, death and of course none more so than the aforementioned Pedophilia (a brave topic to encompass in a song). But there is always hope. Don’t be put off by the subject matter embrace it!

A satisfying listen.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. A Path Of Wrath
2. Man Of Honor
3. Delirio
4. First Light Of Day
5. Sea Of The Dead
6. The Emperor
7. Sisters Of Fate
8. Tapestry Of Time
9. Fight Back
10. DoomsDay
Mike Livas – vocals
Loukas Wolv Antoniou – guitar
Sergio Tellis – guitar
Stelios Pavlov – bass
Kostas Kiriakis – drums
Record Label: Sliptrick Records


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