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Rhope - Turning Maybes Into Reality

Turning Maybes Into Reality
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 20 February 2012, 11:47 AM

It crossed my, before I clicked the play button on my MP3 player, that I won't be hearing any old school sounds or probably encounter the likes of the newly found NWOBHM. Nonetheless, when the modern sounded chords struck with their might, it didn't turn me off nor driven me away. When someone is crying out to save our mother earth with shouts of "We Can't Wait No More…", it has got to be something serious enough. That shout out was near the end of the second part of the debut album, "Turning Maybes Into Realities", by the Italian Groove Metal group of RHOPE. So as you might notice, this album made me going.

I have admit that in comparison to several of modern Metal bands I listened to, RHOPE seemed to make sure that their music on one hand remain groovy and new school and on the other hand intelligent, ever changing (at least for the most of what they wrote) and more or less running on a certain melodic edge. On a number of occasions I imagined of listening to a bewildered mixture of SEVENDUST, ALICE IN CHAINS, STAINED and SYSTEM OF A DOWN. Listening to RHOPE is like maneuvering between what is current in the modern world of Metal along with several patterns that were made in the 90s.

But frankly, so far I haven't found any reason to believe that RHOPE's music has something to do with melodies. Maybe on a few sections of songs there are distinct reminders but no more than that. In addition, RHOPE may have showed their sense of diversity however, they also showed that they don’t exactly know where they are going with their music. Mysteries are always great to have and indulge; however, I reflect that RHOPE should at least illustrate intimation to their future musical intentions. Calling the whole shebang groovy won’t cut it for long.

Furthermore, the album, at least on the first line of tracks didn't that pinch or moved something in me. Actually, "Slaves", the opener sounded a bit common to without anything thrilling to make it tick. As for the other starters, like “Into The Box” and “False Needs” (That in comparison to its former had a few interesting sectors), the choruses where Giammi, the lead vocalist, sang so well while his growly friend, also on guitars, Diego provided him a solid base of rough vocals, were the main powerhouse.

The first song that true amazed me was “Parallel” that seemed to me like a jagged version of early 90s of ALICE IN CHAINS. The vocal harmonies were well performed as well the yielding C part that became the ground for a nice lead guitar piece. “Your Peace”, “Comedown” and the too overbearing, yet good, “Extinction Is Forever”, caught my attention even more with a nice flow of music. “Your Peace” and “Comedown” were not that different of any sort of Nu Metal conception that was made ten or fifteen years ago, yet with the fresh new sound, which was by the way good even if sometimes stuffed, ensured it another dimension. “Extinction Is Forever” was an attempt to be a bit more complex than usual. I liked the end result in overall but I feared that the track became forcefully stretched. It didn’t have to pass the five minutes.

“Turning Maybes Into Reality”, can be distinguished as a good start and a great potential for something big out of this newcomer band. Their will to be diverse is admirable and I have faith that RHOPE will benefit from it in their second release. 

3 Star Rating

1. Slaves
2. Into The Box
3. Parallel
4. False Needs
5. Lust
6. Your Peace
7. Comedown
8. Truth Lies
9. Extinction Is Forever
10. Entropy Of Brain
11. Cut The Pressure
12. Now 
Diego– Guitars / Growl Vocals
Giammi - Vocals
Paolo- Bass
Gio- Drums
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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