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Rhyme - The Seed And The Sewage

The Seed And The Sewage
by Matt S. at 07 February 2013, 10:46 AM

"The Seed And The Sewage" is the second release from Italians RHYME and their first on Bakerteam Records.  First and foremost let me say this… RHYME is a Rock N' Roll band. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but given that a lot of the music reviewed on this site is pretty fucking balls out hardcore Metal, I felt I need to be clear. If you are looking for cookie monster vocal screaming, look elsewhere.  However, if you like safe Hard Rock music that you might find playing while your favorite sports team is warming up, then these guys might be for you. They aren't NICKELBACK, but they are closer to them then they probably would want me to admit.  They actually reminded me a lot of a band called THE UNION UNDERGROUND. Hard Rock that probably has lots of chicks at their show, which is a good thing.

The disc starts off with "Manimal", which (corny title aside) does its job introducing the band and giving you a taste of what the listener is in store for.  I immediately got the feeling that RHYME probably translates much heavier live performance than recorded. All of the songs are all very vocal driven, but the guitar work is still sharp.  Track 3, "Blind Dog", is a change of pace in that it sits even deeper in the pocket and is the highlight of the release. This song would be right at home playing over the closing credits of some movie with karate fighting robots or a cop who was just too old for that shit.

Most of the album sticks to the formula of straight up Hard Rock songs with cheesy titles like "Fairytopia" and "Manimal" until the last track, which is an unnecessary cover of DEPECHE MODE's "Wrong".  It is the weakest song on the release and it felt like a last minute afterthought. I know it is very trendy to add some deep track cover song to seem like you are O.G. (O.G. DEPECHE MODE fan that is…), but save it for the live show… and still pick a better song.

Overall I enjoyed "The Seed And The Sewage" in decreasing amounts.  The album is front heavy peaking with "Blind Dog". If you are a fan of SEETHER, and VELVET REVOLVER you might enjoy RHYME. If you own a CANNIBAL CORPSE shirt, then you might want to look elsewhere. 

3 Star Rating

1. Manimal
2. The Hangman
3. Blind Dog
4. Slayer to the System
5. Fairytopia
6. Party Right
7. Brand New Jesus
8. World Underground
9. Nevermore
10. Victom of Downturn
11. Wrong (Depeche Mode Cover)
Gabriele Gozzi - Vocals
Matteo Magni - Guitars
Riccardo Canato - Bass
Vinny Brando - Drums
Record Label: Bakerteam Records


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