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Rich Kid Express - Psychodelic

Rich Kid Express
by Barbra Rose at 01 December 2020, 7:11 AM

On October 29, 2020 - the RICH KID EXPRE$$ released the first full L.P. album entitled  “Psychodelic” merely six months after the release of the “Bubble Gum Radio” EP. Reminiscent of KISS and hard rock bands of the nineteen seventies, Rob Richardson - owner of Squib Kick Records is the sole member of the group that is also compared with ACDC & Joan Jett.

The release opens with a heavy mix of guitar wah (wah-wah pedal) through the introduction to the first track entitled “Get Out Of My Life”–and this is an interesting sound.   The guitar sounds a great deal like the nineteen-seventies band FOREIGNER’S release entitled “DOUBLE VISION”. The song reveals the frustrations of relationship problems.  “I don’t want to be your partner in crime / To be around you is just like doing time”. The rhythm guitar track during the guitar solo is pleasantly loud - and serves as a real enhancement. I wish other bands would follow this example.

“Cross the Line”, the album’s second track, opens like a JOE WALSH tune–and the song structure continues accordingly. The influence of JOE WALSHbears a nostalgic prescience that is both warm and welcome. “Do It Your Way” - the album’s third track opens with a sixties style guitar riff  (using the major sixth like a neighbor tone from the fifth of the power chord - a la Chuck Berry’s & Brian Wilson’s “Surfin’ USA as performed by the BEACH BOYS.  The guitars use the popular “chorus” effect for the first thirty-five seconds.  The guitars then become more distorted onto a major V / IV /  progression landing on the tonic key - and the drummer utilizes a cowbell as the song progresses through the verses & a melodic guitar solo.

The album’s title-track “Psychodelic”, the fifth song on the album, opens with a synthesizer sound - as though played with a wah. This sound is unique to both seventies hard rock and modern neo-classic nineteen-seventies rock of that age. The song’s chorus uses the phrase “ “‘Psychodelic’” “Colors turning red / So sympathetic / To voices in your head.”  “Sleep When I’m Dead”, the fifth album track, bears the energy implied by the title.   The Song begins with drums - and continues,  at least to this listener, to highlight the drums.  I hear a China Boy cymbal - a cymbal I never knew to be used often through that decade.

“Kaleidoscope Caravan” reminds me greatly of GHOST’s (f/k/a GHOST BC’s) “Jigolo Har Megiddo” - and the riff used for this is a clear reference to “SIMON & GARFUNKEL’S” “Simple Desultory Philippic”. I love tradition–as when new creativity bears a present honor to a songwriter’s (past) influences & preferences - nice.

The ninth album track “Pink Eye” - discusses a crush on a movie star. The first verse bears a line “caked up with make up…”  I absolutely love it. “The doctor thinks that I’m completely insane / in love with a movie star / All that fortune; All that fame”.  The short, yet  extremely musical guitar solo leads to the second verse that proceeds back to the chorus - for the song ending–rounding this into a nice, pleasant tune.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Get Outta My Life
2. Cross the Line
3. Do It Your Way
4. Lovesick Blues
5. Psychodelic
6. Sleep When I’m Dead
7. Clock Strikes Four
8. Kaleidoscope Caravan
9. Pinkeye
10. R.K.R.
Rob Richardson - Vocals, All Instruments
Record Label: Squib Kick Records


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