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Riexhumation - The Final Revelation of Abaddon

The Final Revelation of Abaddon
by Justin Joseph at 26 July 2021, 9:24 PM

RIEXHUMATION is a Death Metal outfit formed in 2009 from the lands of Italy. Since then they have created two (2) demos, one (1) EP and now, there most recent and first full length release “The Final Revelation of Abaddon”. I’ll just get into it…. this album is a damn good experience. It’s not only Death Metal, well…yes, the very essence of it is, but there are so many layers to this album that it evokes an ethereal atmosphere. The wall of sound produced on this album is rather creative. There are many shades to create ambience, with RIEXHUMATION, what’s rather unique is there base sound is equivalent to that of the old school era of Death Metal but morphed with the spectral theme and noises.

The album starts with the Intro (also…get this…titled “Intro”, which is a culmination of different chords creating a cacophony of noise, but not just simply ‘noise’. The noise conjured here feels sci-fi in nature, very mechanical as though the listener is exploring an abandoned craft where a Xenomorph inhabits and lurks within the very vessel. It works as the album’s opener. The tone of the instruments emits a thick, raw sound to it that builds upon the ‘space’ like atmosphere.

Immediately, we transition into a low, monstrous guttural from the track, “Inbreeding a Final Form in the Flesh”. Backed by thunderous blast beats in conjunction with furious riffing leading to a head splitting high register scream at the 19 second mark, which seems to possess the overtones of George Corpsegrinder’s very own scream (CANNIBAL CORPSE). A positive in my opinion about this album as well as the track is the drumming, especially the production. Sound wise, the drums sound as though it was influenced by Brutal/Slam Death metal bands. It may seem odd to produce the drums in this quality, however, it exudes a live, raw tone that heightens the album’s chaotic characteristics (listen to the blast beats and the sound of the snare). At the 4:00 minute mark, the track deviates from its rapid assault into a ‘doomy’ slow riff that gets progressively slower and then climbs back at the 4:42 mark until it blends into a mid-pace riff mixed with some ambient sounds, almost astral in spirit.

Take the Throne of Enlil” continues along the same stream as the track before with the punishing blast beats and groove coupled with the frantic riffing. Another highlight displayed upon the album and also this very track, is the vocal delivery. Again, the vocals are what you will expect from your typical Death Metal outfit. But where RIEXHUMATION stands out is that the vocals discharge a rather ‘titan-like’ effect. It gives the imagery of a dreadnought being, creating sheer mammoth destruction to buildings with its bellowing voice. The vocals sound like an unholy fusion between Karl Sanders (NILE) and THE KENNEDY VEIL’s “Trinity of Falsehood” album. A positive on “Take the Throne of Enlil” which carries over to the album as a whole is the breaking up of the sonic pandemonium with injections of groove laden patterns and riffs. Take for instance the 1:49 mark that goes from rapid blast beats into a groovy riff combined with the double bass and snare then converges into a short solo. These are placed rather well within the structures adding another layer of intensity but also not sacrificing the dissonant soundscape.

The blueprint of this vessel is based around the vehemence developed by the blast beats and ballistic riffing infused with the colossal vocal delivery. However, what gives life to the structure and fills its chambers with a sense of mystique is the use of ambient noises created in the background as well as the foreground. The track “Manifestation of The Horned-Head Presence” is an example how these elements are infused into this album’s being. It starts off with a brief bass intro (which should have lasted slightly longer) delving into a colossal vocal delivery which is complimented by the space sounds that are scattered throughout the album. The 00:48 mark continues with the signature blast beats and frenzied riffs with the added cosmic sounding layer at 1:42 then branching off into a solo at the 1:52 mark. The grooves integrated at 2:40 is a particular stand out in the track as it divides the chaos that ensues then it twists into a slow doomy note at 3:23 which is followed out by eerie outro.

Embrace Nihility” which is the shortest song on the album, but also one of the most aggressive, as the cosmic destruction forged by the band is shaped into this brief track. Again it is imbued with the same blood as the previous songs with the same ferocity, but the short bursts of jazzy progression are what makes this a stand out (take for instance the bass at the 00:25 mark). “Triumph of Perfect Darkness”, the closing track, in my opinion is also the apotheosis of the album. As it melds the spirits of the previous track and molds it into one singular entity. The space and alien-like element is illuminated throughout this song. My favorite is the vocal delivery at the 1:17 which sounds as though the vocalist is a host to a being from another dimension and he is speaking in different tongues. It’s these little elements that add to the pyramid of this album making it rather memorable. Another highlight is the 4:00 mark which is only the drums and bass which sounds rather jazzy and progressive which is then dispersed with a high register scream. The outro at the 5:51 is a standout with its alien like theme playing into effect once again but also representing the last note to resonate on this album.

In conclusion, I would recommend this album to any Death Metal fan, as well as those who like added layers of ambience in their Metal. For a first album, I believe this is very promising and I do indeed look forward to see what else will be conjured by RIEXHUMATION in the future.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Inbreeding a Final Form in the Flesh
3. Take the Throne of Enlil
4. Conflagration Mantra
5. Manifestation of the Horned-Head Presence
6. Ascension XIV
7. The Vectorcvlt
8. Embrace Nihility
9. Triumph of Perfect Darkness
G.T -Vocals, Guitars
F.B - Guitars
G.S - Drums
C. M. - Bass
Record Label: Lavadome Productions


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