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Riffocity - Under A Mourning Sky Award winner

Under A Mourning Sky
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 16 April 2017, 5:24 AM

It’s extremely usual to see mutations happening in every Metal genre you can think of. The main reasons for this feature are simple to point to: the first one is the need for the bands to show a different work from what is already done by others; and the second is the mutant nature of Metal and Rock, the need to keep fresh and alive, to catch new fans in new times. This is what you’ll find on “Under a Mouring Sky”, the first album from the Greek Thrashers from RIFFOCITY.

These maniacs from Sarre dare to mix an aggressive and worked form of Thrash Metal in the same vein from MEGADETH and METALLICA with the melodic aesthetics that ICED EARTH shows in their finest moments. Even some keyboards arrangements can be heard in many parts, along with a storm of heavy and charming guitar riffs, vocals with excellent clean tunes that fits perfectly on the band’s instrumental parts, and a solid and heavy rhythmic session (bass and drums are really doing a great work). Their songs can mix aggressive and melodic parts with no problem at all, and it’s extremely different than we are used to hearing from many bands, a proof of courage for those who seek to expand frontiers and create new musical possibilities.

“Under a Mourning Sky” was mixed and mastered by the hands of Bob Katsionis (guitarist/keyboardist of FIREWIND) at Sound Symmetry Studio. The result is a clean and good sound quality, that one that balances a heavy musical weight, the right amount of aggressiveness, and a very good clear level. The artwork for the cover fits perfectly with their musical work: elegant, bitter, but with an aggressive aesthetical sense. The musical work that you have on “Under a Mourning Sky” is really excellent, and a promise that these guys will be a great band in the future, if Metal fans give them a chance. As that special touch on the album, on “Above The End”, Bob Katsionis plays a very good solo, and Constantin Maris make some vocals as guest musician.

The mix of melodies, very good keyboards parts and aggressive guitar riffs on “Hail Thy Father” and “Arnis Oblivion” (this one is truly hooking and seductive, with excellent vocals as well, that will remind you of some moments from Matt Barlow), the very good rhythmic changes presented on “Bitter Sunday” (an aggressive song, with fine guitar parts once more, but with great bass guitar and drums parts as well), the melodic efforts that makes the vocals show fine parts on “Fortunes of Death” (and what very goof backing vocals and charming chorus), the good mix of melodies and aggressiveness of “From Inside the Arrows Come”, and the excellent harmonic construction shown on “Under a Mourning Sky” and “Above The End”.

This is a very good band from Greece, showing that the country still holds some secrets that time will reveal.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Hail Thy Father
2. Arnis Oblivion
3. Bitter Sunday
4. Fortunes of Death
5. This Eternal Secret Lies Above
6. From Inside the Arrows Come
7. Isolation
8. Perished Unloved
9. Under a Mourning Sky
10. Above The End 
Thomas Trampoyras - Vocals
Dimitris Kalaitzidis - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Giorgos Lezkidis - Guitars
Panos Sawas - Bass
Record Label: Soman Records


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Edited 06 December 2022

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