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Rimfrost - Veraldar Nagli (CD)

Veraldar Nagli
by Yiannis Doukas at 22 November 2009, 11:54 AM

Once upon a time there was a madman in a village. One said to him: go and shit. In the end our madman shit in front of every door of that village. What I'm trying to say is exaggeration in most times brings disaster. OK, I understand someone being lunatic with some bands and also being heavily influenced by them. I also understand playing just a tribute, 'cause when you are doing it with style and musical passion the result can be bombastic (look at e.g. WARHAMMER). But when you just copy or put exactly the same parts in your songs with other bands, well this is beyond anything.
Here, these Swedish RIMFROST are just unbelievable. They steal uncut pieces from IMMORTAL, AMON AMARTH, METALLICA and ICED EARTH. And to make it more clearly I repeat: not influences but STEALING. Even these semi-acoustic 'frozen' IMMORTAL parts; I am already bored to death by them even by the Norwegians. And let's pass that and say OK. The mixture of this icy and epic Black Metal with this Thrash I drink thousands of coffees staccato riffing a la Schaffer simply leads to dead end. It makes your music deaf nut, not serious. And the worst, it transforms into a trendy and total commercial caricature, like someone trying to catch something of the success of bands like these I mentioned above.
I have to admit that although RIMFROST play good music parts and also have a cool sound, the fact that their compositions are much extended with many changes inside create endless yawns. Also, they sometimes are so bad that are crossing the fiery gates of musical squalor. For example, songs like Legacy Through Blood end to a parody, in order to show and give a warlike feel with the spilled blood upon the battlefields. The song in all its musically entity would seem better as a soundtrack to a pussy based love story where the virgin girl loses her applicant lover and fills hundreds tankers with her tears. Yes, so crap.
I'm sorry but I cannot take seriously bands like RIMFROST. If they wanted it would be ten thousand times better just playing cover songs of their favorite bands. I hope in the future they will write something of their own. Maybe then they will deserve something more. And in this universe where albums like All Shall Fall have existence I guess its fair to give them two extra points.

2 Star Rating

Veraldar Nagli
The Black Death
The Raventhrone
Legacy Through Blood
I Stand My Ground
Mountains Of Mana
Void Of Time
Hravn - Guitars, Vocals
Throllv - Drums
Peter - Bass
Record Label: Season Of Mist Records


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