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Ring Van Möbius - The 3rd Majesty Award winner

Ring Van Möbius
The 3rd Majesty
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 03 December 2020, 6:54 AM

To deal with Progressive Rock, one must have in mind that it’s not a genre of Metal, and anything can happen due the experimental insight of the genre. Yes, anything can be expected, and it’s not so simple to deal with, especially for those that are trapped into models as they were the best thing in the universe. And the Norwegian trio RING VAN MÖBIUS comes to show it on “The 3rd Majesty”, the band’s latest release.

The trio shows a musical work whose core is based on Progressive Rock bands from the 70’s as EMERSON, LAKE AND PALMER, YES and some of the megalomaniac elements from JETHRO TULL, and has a particular feature: there are no guitars on their songs, and the keyboards and bass guitar fill its parts. Of course that, for many fans, it could be disturbing; but for those that are used to Progressive Rock, it’s not a problem at all. Their music is labeled as Retro Prog Rock, but in reality, they are totally sounding like a 70’s band, with all that technical care and lysergic voyages. The production worked in a way that made everything sound clean, loud and organic (due the choice for simple instrumental tunes, evading any modern improvement on this aspect). The mastering of the album was done in a modern way, to make their music sound defined and fresh, of course.

“The Seven Movements of the Third Majesty” is a seven-part Progressive suite (more than 20 minutes of music) full of variations and lysergic parts, and the lack of guitars isn’t a problem at all (due the very good and expressive works from bass guitars and keyboards), going from Progressive parts to Jazz Rock elements. On “Illuminati”, the bass guitar and drums are creating a technical and organic rhythmic that allows a very good and expressive work from keyboards. “Distant Sphere” presents the fans with many Progressive contrasts and fine vocals, but as it lasts more than 10 minutes, it’s full of technical arrangements and goes from tender parts to megalomaniac moments. And on “The Möbius Ring”, another fine piece of art adorned with charming keys parts and technical parts from drums and bass guitar.

It’s strange to hear a band like RING VAN MÖBIUS, with focus on a musical genre that is saturated after years and years of use (and abuse). But of course that “The 3rd Majesty” deserves praises, and it’s the right band for Mr. “That Metal Guy”.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Seven Movements of the Third Majesty
- a. Universal
- b. Spectrum
- c. Reaction
- d. Bilateral
- e. Zenith
- f. Strife of the Icons
- g. Altitude over Azimuth
2. Illuminati
3. Distant Sphere
4. The Möbius Ring
Thor Erik Helgesen - Vocals, Hammond, Piano, Mellotron and other keyboards
Håvard Rasmussen - Baryton Bass, Effects
Dag Olav Husås - Drums, Cymbals, Percussion
Record Label: Apollon Records Prog


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