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Rings Of Saturn – Gidim Award winner

Rings Of Saturn
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 25 October 2019, 12:02 AM

RINGS OF SATURN, let’s be honest are batshit crazy. How would you even pinpoint their exact sound? The band has jestingly christened their genre as "aliencore". Who thinks of this?  They don’t even have a Bassist. What they do have is a cult-like following. This is their second Nuclear Blast release following “Ultu Ulla” in 2017. Their sound, is one of a kind. What we’ll hear with this album could be anything and like nothing you can hear anywhere else, which is part of the pull for fans. So, let’s do this…

Pustules” is heavy as it gets. It has a style of vocals clearly Deathcore if it has become a stereotype. Once you can think about the guitars, it melts your mind. You try to concentrate on the melody and it’s insane. They change styles perfectly. They cut the melody short to build it up, who thinks of this either? It’s mental, but magical at the same time. It just keeps going. Just when you think they have settled on a sound, they throw in a new one. It’s amazing!

Hypodermis Glitch” has a distorted sound, but you know it's exactly what they aimed for. The guitars, what are they doing? How do you sum that up? Dan Watson has a growl or too on his approach on guest vocals here and it does work in favor to give us something different. Then the guitars go mental again. It sounds stupid and like it's not even meant to sound like that, that’s how technically gifted they are. Technical Deathcore is the closest sound, I can advise, but it doesn’t come close to what these guys are doing.

The Husk” has another squeaky clean guitar approach, but changes into Death Metal meets distorted 16-Bit Guitar. How is that possible to make that sound? The vocals are coarse and it adds depth to the song and a darkness that tears through. The guitars, you know they will change it up and add another style. And they do, but it changes almost like the weather into another style. Seemingly effortlessly. It’s amazing. You’re not listening to a Metal album, it’s almost like a theatrical production with a story of what could only be described as a drug-infused trip down the rabbit hole! It’s amazing! If you know someone who can play DRAGONFORCE’sThrough the Fire and Flames” on Guitar Hero III and they think they are the mutts nuts, get them to try this fucker on a real guitar, the pace and changes should only be on a video game!

Gidium”, now I wouldn’t usually talk much about the Outro to an album as it’s usually a fad away instrumental. This one, you just know won’t be. It sounds like the end credits to an 80’s or 90’s Arcade game at times. The buildup and changes even in the start are phenomenal. The technical mastery you just have to listen to, to be able to appreciate it. Vocals don’t even matter. This song brings enough styles of its own just instrumentally to warrant not needing vocals. The artistry is beautiful. Even if you’re not into Deathcore, listen to this. Fans of JOE SATRIANI’s styles would love this. It has that “Surfing with Aliens” vibe midway through. How their fingers are still working I ask you?

It is prenominal what they have created. 10/10 is still not a high enough mark. They give you sounds that you cannot hear anywhere else. The balance is not there, it never will be, but its replaced by anarchy but it’s beautiful and magical. This album is a piece of art. Also, no one covers RINGS OF SATURN songs. You can now see why. One of the albums of the year!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Pustules (feat. Charles Caswell)
2. Divine Authority
3. Hypodermis Glitch (feat. Dan Watson)
4. Bloated and Stiff
5. Tormented Consciousness (feat. Yo Onityan)
6. The Husk
7. Mental Prolapse
8. Genetic Inheritance
9. Face of the Wormhole
10. Gidim (Instrumental)
Ian Bearer – Lead Vocals
Lucas Mann – Guitars
Joel Omans – Guitars

Guest Band Members:
Marco Pitruzzella – Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast Records


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