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Riot - Sons Of Society (Reissue) Award winner

Sons Of Society (Reissue)
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 07 July 2017, 1:02 PM

Back in 1999, I remember buying a Metal Hammer Magazine, I think it was with Bruce Dickinson on the cover, and it had a singles CD enclosed. One of the songs out of the CD were from this here album by RIOT, “Sons Of Society”. Frankly, I had never given it a proper attention. Once I again I was wrong not to, as I discovered yet another piece of music, which is nearly two decades old. This year Metal Blade Records reissued the album with a selection of rough mixed instrumental tracks of the several of the album’s songs, a sort of interesting point of view of the tunes without the commanding vocals.

Generally, it can be inferred that “Sons Of Society” is at a close proximity to the happenings on the previous “Inishmore” concept album, which drove RIOT to play vintage melodic Hard Rock with a distinct British Metal. Nonetheless, in comparison the band’s 80s prospects, this album is much more into the traditional 80s Metal than its predecessor, crossing NWOBHM right into the heart of the developed US Metal scene. Furthermore, it appeared that the songwriting, and also in the album’s mixing, took a closer focus on the big time choruses than on the riffs, even if there is a fair share of melodic riffs that aren’t your usual power cords norm and considerably versatile song structures. Mike DiMeo, and his backing vocals choir, are delivering a larger than life choruses, attributing some of the songs to become potential hits and even a radio friendly lonesome crow. With that written, I am still glad that through this reissue version it is possible to take a peek at the musicianship level of the instrumentation and capture some great moments of traditional art. The guitar and rhythm section works are top notch, yet I never expected anything less from this lineup. However, I felt that both Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz restrained themselves lightly with the soloing efforts, as these two, with the former in past tense, really had it in them to emblaze.

“Twist Of Fate” and “Cover Me” took RIOT to a direction that nowadays is pretty rare, attributing emotive prospects, the former being a melodic Hard Rock tracks, consisting of a few AOR elements, greatly made and the latter a sweet power balladry straight from the 80s that gradually takes a heavier from until its end. To rock this boat up right into a metallic shoal, “Dragonfire” was unleashed, a speedy demon of 80s Heavy Metal, setting free impressive riffs and a powerful chorus. Its follower, “The Law”, laid it down hard with a mid-tempo chunk of meaty riffs, a sort of a heavier DEEP PURPLE. “Somewhere” sounded as a free spirit Heavy Metal on speed, catchy and hook-laden, another potential hit that should have gone up the charts. Other tracks worth mentioning: “On the Wings of Life” and “Promises”.

This album might not be as special as the previous “Inishmore”, yet it is a collection of well-crafted songs bearing melodic Metal of the highest level. Surely one of the band’s greatest releases.

Purchase Link: Metal Blade Records 

4 Star Rating

1. Snake Charmer
2. On the Wings of Life
3. Sons of Society
4. Twist of Fate
5. Bad Machine
6. Cover Me
7. Dragonfire
8. The Law
9. Time to Bleed
10. Queen
11. Somewhere
12. Promises
13. Sons of Society (Instrumental Rough Mix)
14. The Law (Instrumental Rough Mix)
15. Time to Bleed (Instrumental Rough Mix)
16. Somewhere (Instrumental Rough Mix)
17. Promises (Instrumental Rough Mix)
Mike DiMeo - Vocals
Pete Perez - Bass
Mark Reale - Guitars / Backing Vocals / Mandolin
Mike Flyntz - Guitars
Bobby Jarzombek - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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