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Riot V - Armor of Light Award winner

Riot V
Armor of Light
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 28 March 2018, 12:25 PM

Sometimes when writing, some readers may ask “why the blazes does this old and fat writer hit bands that make old school Metal so hard?” So, I have to tell you: I’m an experienced Metalhead, and I’m proud of it, and I have heard bands that many of you have never heard of their existence. I know the difference between those who have the Old School blood in their eyes and veins, and some newcomers that will never understand what the sweet old Metallians lessons fully. It’s not a matter if you like the old ways (everyone is free to like it), but to play in the old ways, it’s for those who are from the old times. The proof of my words is the latest works from SAXON, JUDAS PRIEST, and now, from RIOT V (the legendary quintet called RIOT previously), the legendary juggernaut from New York (USA) that comes unleashing the savage power with “Armor of Light”.

Along with THE RODS and BLUE OYSTER CULT, they are the forefathers of US Metal trademark sound: easy melodies, great choruses, a solid work from bass guitar and drums on the rhythm session, shrapnel guitar riffs and melodic solos, and excellent vocals. Ok, to you all it’s a description that can’t translate all the importance of RIOT V history, but without them, North American Metal School would be not as great as it is. We can say that their melodic and fast way of playing Metal is the root of Power Metal bands from the 80’s. Yes, I’m not exaggerating about this matter. But as well, RIOT V knows how to sound impacting and modern, to bring their musical style to our days.

To give this modern heavy outfit that “Armor of Light” bears, Chris “The Wizard” Collier (the same one who worked with METAL CHURCH, FLOTSAM & JETSAM, SLIPKNOT and KORN, amongst others) was chosen, and he did a perfect work: the sound is actual, powerful and heavy and it must be, but clear in a way that the band’s aggressive and fast melodies can be understood without problems. The tunes chosen for the musical instruments are great, showing what these maniacs can do. The artwork created by MariuszGandzel shows what the band is about: they’re here not to live from their past, but to fight for their due place. They are savage in a way that will break all new comers bones!!!

It’s a masterpiece that can bring tears to the eyes of those old Metallians (I confess: I’m in tears of happiness as I write these words). They came to conquer, and hymns as the powerful and melodic “Victory” (what lovely and crushing guitars, along with excellent vocals and a catchy chorus), the abrasive harmonies of “End of the World” with its fast rhythm, the wonderful and heavy guitar assault shown on “Messiah” (hear and learn, dolly Metal clones), the old Hard Rock scent presented on the melodies of “Burn the Daylight”, the excellent guitar duos and great vocals of “Armor of Light”, the fusion of a good melodic aesthetics with abrasive weight shown on “Set the World Alight” (light the world with these amazing chorus and vocals), the heavy and slow rhythm of “Caught in the Witches Eye” (a great and solid work from bass guitar and drums once more), and… Oh, give me a break, you all! This album is truly a masterpiece of Old School US Metal, a teaching for the new generations!

RIOT V is another teacher from the old school that came to teach us all a lesson. A precious one, so you all must buy “Armor of Light”, and see that these guys deserve a lot of praise and respect.

Another greatest moment of 2018!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Victory
2. End of the World
3. Messiah
4. Angel’s Thunder, Devil’s Reign
5. Burn the Daylight
6. Heart of a Lion
7. Armor of Light
8. Set the World Alight
9. San Antonio
10. Caught in the Witches Eye
11. Ready to Shine
12. Raining Fire
Todd Michael Hall - Vocals
Mike Flyntz- Guitars
Nick Lee - Guitars
Don Van Stavern- Bass
Frank Gilchriest- Drums
Record Label: Nuclear Blast


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