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Riotor - Rusted Throne

Rusted Throne
by Jacob Dawson at 13 July 2015, 10:05 PM

There’s not much to say about RIOTOR’s latest album that you probably can’t work out yourself from looking at the album art that looks like it’s been drawn on Paint, and from hearing any one of its 11 tracks. On the surface they’re an old-school Thrash band with a sprinkling of Death Metal thrown in, and if you look deeper…there’s not much else.

The promotional image of the band that was included with the promo gives a good idea of their identity. It’s a black and white photo that shows them stood wearing denim jackets, with shoulder- length hair and those 1000-yard stares that were so common amongst Thrashers of the 80s. It represents the main genre they draw from, and gives an idea of their influences. The problem is that they’re just not as good as those influences.

This is clear right from the onset in the oddly named “Nightmare is my Life”, when the intro transitions rather clumsily and suddenly into the main track. From this moment on we are treated to roughly the same sound for 45 minutes, as each track picks up exactly where the last left off. The sound itself isn’t especially bad, although it certainly caters to a specific audience with its lightning fast strumming and harsh, guttural vocals. Fans of modern Thrash should identify well with the music and may even appreciate the Death Metal quirks present, but shouldn’t expect too much in terms of experimentation or variety.

There is always the argument that some slack should be cut for lesser known bands like this, and that it’s unfair to compare them to ones with more money or reputation behind them. The fact is that most bands have to start somewhere, and while the production and promotion of the band is controlled to an extent by the label and funding of the band, the music itself and the creative process behind it is down to the band alone, and in that area this album unfortunately falls short.

2 Star Rating

1. Nightmare is My Life
2. Rusted Throne
3. Learning to Hate
4. Desintegrator
5. Into the Riot
6. Thy Drunken Sinner
7. Destroy to Create
8. Narcotic Death
9. Flesh Desire
10. Metal Salvation
11. Triumph of Sorrow
Ismarevil - Vocals
Gabrihell - Guitars
Kevinator - Guitars
Mikalcoholic - Bass
Stefanatik - Drums
Record Label: Inferno Records


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