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Rise In Chains - Insight Me

Rise In Chains
Insight Me
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 12 October 2018, 8:12 AM

At the end of the 80’s and beginning of the 90’s, Pop Rock met with the funky influences from Soul Music and Funk. We could say that FAITH NO MORE and the earlier works from RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS were the corner stones for such a way. And even today we can find bands doing such kind of music, as the German quartet RISE IN CHAINS, as is heard on “Insight Me”. Basically, they blend some Pop Rock influences with the Groove from Funk Rock of the 90’s and some modern insight guides their songs. They aren’t difficult to be understood and assimilated, but their musical potential is about to be heard on the future, because we can hear that they are on the right path, but still to mature a bit more in terms of personality. They still have a long way of being a great name from their style, but as I wrote above, they are on the right path.

The sound quality of “Insight Me” was built to be accessible for a broader public, so we can say that it’s clear and has that essential touch of rawness that Rock albums must bear. Yes, it’s in a very good level of quality, but their instrumental tunes could be better set, because in some moments, the tunes are crude in a way that isn’t compatible with their musical work. On their songs, we can hear that albums as “Mother’s Milk” and “We Care a Lot” influenced them a lot, along some old EMF touches. Their best moments are on the groovy “Enter the Wonderland” (hear how bass guitar is doing a fine technical work), the deep and introspective melodies of “Livin’ as a Ghost Rider” (the guitars are ok, but their tunes aren’t as good as they could be), the accessible Poppy Punk energy of “Invisible Man”, the very good accessible melodies of “Island of the Beasts” and of “My Picture”, and the Funk/Pop Rock inner energy of “Frankenstein”.

They’re still a bit naïve, but I believe that time will validate their work. For now, “Insight Me” is a good album.

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

1. Enter the Wonderland
2. The Girl on the Yellow Street
3. Livin’ as a Ghost Rider
4. Invisible Man
5. Dangerous Liaisons
6. Iron Mask
7. Jekyll & Hyde
8. Island of the Beasts
9. My Picture
10. Guardian Angel
11. Frankenstein
12. Psycho
Käptn Jäff Roxx - Vocals
DavidKrad - Guitars
Red - Bass
Jason Horn - Drums
Record Label: STF Records


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