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Rise - Strangers

by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 31 October 2019, 9:10 AM

There are many musical different ways into Folk music, in a way that can be done in or out Rock ‘n’ Roll. And this doesn’t mean that a musician doesn’t have talent (although some Metalheads have the wrong idea about music, because are trapped in within the illusion that only Metal matters), because Metal and whole Rock ‘n’ Roll genres, as music, have a different sets on influences, including Folk music. So, the work of RISE shown on “Strangers” is into such musical way.

It’s a kind of Folk/World Music with some medieval feeling created to be tender and melodic, focused in creating some melancholic and deeper ambiances than will hook the listeners. But some melodic Prog Rock and Gothic Rock can be heard in some points as well. Maybe some comparisons with ENYA’s works and even with the first solo album of LIV KRISTINE can be done to a certain point, where the personality of the female singer Rise is shown. It’s something obvious that such kind of musical deserves a clean and well defined sound quality, because the artistic/musical expressions of “Strangers” demands such sonority to be fully understood. Everything sounds in a great way and with the right volumes and effects.

“Strangers” is good on its purpose, presenting nine charming songs. But the melodic intensity of “Temples”, the melancholic ambiance given by pianos and chords of “Strangers” and “Cry Black Moon”, the medieval feeling that arises from the melodies and voices of “Burnt Offerings”, the “pulp” ambiance of “Radio Silence”, and the long “The Old Sewing Woman’s Song” can be said as the best ones on the album. Being completely honest, “Strangers” is an easy album to hear and understand, and if the listeners can understand the core of the musical work of RISE, for sure will love it.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Dark Cloud
2. Temples
3. Strangers
4. Cry Black Moon
5. Burnt Offerings
6. Rabbit Eyes
7. Radio Silence
8. Skysailing
9. The Old Sewing Woman’s Song
Rise - Vocals, Guitars, String, Pianos
Record Label: Independent


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