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Rise To The Sky – Every Day, A Funeral Award winner

Rise To The Sky
Every Day, A Funeral
by Justin "Witty City" Wittenmeier at 03 May 2022, 1:30 AM

RISE TO THE SKY is an atmospheric death/doom metal band from Chile that formed just a few years ago in 2019. It is actually a one man band, that man being Sergio G. In the short time this project has been alive, he has been extremely prolific—- “Every Day, A Funeral,” is RISE TO THE SKY’s fifth full length album; two EP s have also been released. There has been a clear evolution in the band’s music since the release of debut album, “Moonlight.” That album was instrumental, layered with lush and melodic tones. Over the course of the rest of their albums, those layers still exist but death growls and more focus on riffs have also been added to what was already an emotional and sterling recipe. Production wise, the albums also continue to get better; each album sounds better than the one before it.

Every Day, A Funeral,” continues the trend of Sergio one upping himself. His growls are so low now, the deep rumbling of the monstrous tones bordering on funeral doom territory. I still don’t understand how he can be this brutal yet still allow emotion to birth from this nearly unfathomable darkness. But he does and it resonates throughout the songs; even when the album is at its most melodic, his death growls work alongside pulling the heartstrings rather than against them. I like this because it makes his music brutal in a way that still retains much melody. As I mentioned previously, the guitars include more actual riffs than just melodies and harmonies. It wouldn’t be death/doom without a thick wall of guitars and Sergio becomes increasingly adept at mixing this wall into his sorrowful tapestry.

At times, the music becomes to thick that I feel as if a living maelstrom is loose inside my head—a compliment if I’ve ever heard one. On this release, Emidio Ramos (Adamantine, The Autist, among others) provides the foundation with his robust drumming. Enlisting him has a made a huge difference in thes ound—everything sounds more life like and full with him backing it all up. Of course that is no offense to Sergio, who previously programmed all the drums. He did a fine job but nothing beats a real person. Sergio told me he wanted to improve that aspect of his music…and he has certainly made the right choice because Emidio succeeds on all levels. The album opens with the title track and immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album. Obviously this is doom so the tone and atmosphere is depressing and painful as thirty kicks in the ball sack but what I mean is this song is very cinematic in tone and the rest of the album follows that. I don’t mean that in an overproduced, pompous way but the album paints a detailed picture that conjures images in the mind with ease. The first minute or so of the album is this cinematic build up, complete with synthesized  string arrangements that sound really damn good. The guitars hit soon after, not sounding   too far removed from the Gothic sector of doom. The riffs and bass weave in and out through the melodies, creating a song that flows like a river, ever forward to it a large source.

"It's The End" is dripping with atmosphere. The song conjures images of a life falling apart in a metaphorical storm. The keys and accompanying heavy guitars are this burden of struggles and loss that tend to hang over our heads. What can we do in the face of such things? Nothing. You just have to face it. The growls are a thunderous roar and they work in tandem with the keys to make a song that is ultra heavy yet full of melody. The drums are an approaching storm in their own right, staunch in resting the whole of the sky on stalwart shoulders. "Just Say Goodbye" is such a well composed track. The sweeping keys in the beginning are lush and enveloping. The clean guitar is placed perfectly after the opening, and carries a weight so heavy it rivals the metal riffs. Half through the song, the doom metal returns, echoing the same bleeding heart emotions albeit much more aggressive and depressing. The drums crashing around the growls with energetic purpose, moving through the song to pull the listener through while providing a rock hard foundation "Abandoned" is a MASSIVE song…the growls here are basically another instrument and Sergio just rips through. The guitar melodies are catchy as well and the drums play off the song in such a way that if you follow them, all the other instrumental highlights are spotlighted. Chills went up my spine when the death growls around the 4:47 mark let loose but the song fading the distortion out to synths/keys is just as emotional.

"Sadness Cries In The Silent Skies" is one of the more aggressive songs due to the choppy riffs and deep bass drums. But the haunting melodies are ever present and blend in as one with the metal elements. This is one of my favorite tracks from RTTS—it has this epic landscape of a sound that reminds me of bands like CLOUDS or EYE Of SOLITUDE. Ah yes now we come to "I Can See You In My Dream" which might just be the best songs the band has done. I can see how the song can be both peaceful yet sad. Seeing a passed loved one while you sleep, the memories coming to the surface at your most vulnerable moment, could add a peaceful calm and closer. After all, who wouldn't want to see a loved one again? But the opposite could be true as it could be very painful to see them again. The music within is both these things too. The keys are delicate but the growls are not. The guitars and bass act like a veil to the other side that thins and growls as the memories of the fallen flow to whatever their final destination is. The album's final is the acoustic

"Epilogue" which ends the album on a potent and elegant note. RISE TO THE SKY have very quickly risen up in the ranks of my favorite doom groups. "Every Day, A Funeral" is yet another sterling and heartfelt album in the ever growing discography. If this music doesn't show a nonbeliever the true power of doom metal then I don't know what will.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Every Day, A Funeral
2. It’s The End
3. Just Say Goodbye
4. Abandoned
5. Sadness Cries In The Silent Sky
6. I Can See You When I Dream
7. Epilogue
Sergio G. - Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys
Emidio Ramos – Drums
Record Label: Meuse Music Records


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Edited 04 December 2022

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