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Riseback - Riseback Award winner

by Eddie "Deaddie" McConnaughty at 20 December 2013, 5:46 AM

RISEBACK is a female fronted group from Istanbul. These cats aren’t up therein Death Metal mode, but they do Rock out none the less. They have a lot of up tempo high energy songs. They kind of remind me of a little heavier version of HIM. They incorporate some nice melodies into their sound. They’re definitely catchy and smooth flowing. The female vocals fit with the music. One thing I do like is, that’s he doesn’t overdo that overly “epic” EVANESCENCE type of voice.

These guys n gals are passionate about what they do, and it reflects. They are very well put together. They don’t have an extreme metal element, but they do a wonderful job Rockin it. The drums aren’t overly intricate, but they do their job when it comes to keeping time and sounding bad ass. The guitar work is pretty nice, a little intricate, but mostly just enough to really keep the melody of the songs going. RISEBACK knows what they’re doing. They incorporate enough of the dark side to perfectly mingle all the elements and create something that can be enjoyed by anybody.

All of the vocals are clean, which the music doesn’t really need any harshness. Riella Eskenazi’s voice is perfect for what they’re doing. She really sets the mood. These guys are perfect for anyone who likes heavy music, and because of the clean vocals, they can reach a broader spectrum of listeners, cause let’s face it; some people just don’t like harsh vocals. The harmony between everybody is superb. They have a great catchy flow that will suck you right into it. The transitions are excellent. I recommend them to anyone who likes harder music.

4 Star Rating

1. Game Powered
2. Make You Real
3. The Criminal
4. My Treasure
5. Far Away
6. Try To Say
7. Fake Numb Face
8. When The Dreams
9. Flowerstar
Riella Eskenazi - Vocals
Ali safa Uzun - Guitars
Koner Memili - Bass
Onur Akça - Drums
Record Label: Noisehead Records


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