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Rising Anger - Mindfinder

Rising Anger
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 09 March 2014, 12:37 AM

And Germany gave us another very good Metal band: RISING ANGER, with their second coming, “Mindfinder”.

Their music is a fast and heavy Metalcore, but don’t get the wrong idea: it’s heavy and furious, with great melodies. Only a deaf mummy could not see value in a great mix of aggressive vocals (harsh in great part of time, some low grunts here and there, and some great normal ones on chorus), excellent guitars, and technical and heavy drums and bass rhythmic basis. So, be prepared for a massacre.

A clean sound flows from the speakers, telling us that the production was done in a very careful way, but without torn apart the heavy aggressiveness of the quintet, so, it’s clean and brute at the very same time.

When the music starts, it really catches us all by the year, and to Metal nowadays, it’s a good aspect, so be prepared by the assault of songs like “Momentariness” (a more aggressive and raw song, with wonderful guitars), the catchy and introspective “Your Arcadia”, “Black Hole” (by the gods, what a catchy song! Great vocals and marvelous work from drums and bass), the aggressive “Dreamcatcher”, and “Everlasting Sparks”. And one more detail: the songs not last than 5 minutes, so, it does not tire our ears.

Good music, good band, good album, so buy it, and remember what you Ol’ Big Daddy here always says: MP3 is for sissies, and illegal downloads suck!

4 Star Rating

1. Earthlings
2. Momentariness
3. Like Vultures
4. Your Arcadia
5. False Chords
6. M.B.M.
7. Black Hole
8. Dreamcatcher
9. Swallowed By the Sun
10. Everlasting Sparks
11. Our Odyssey
Johannes S. – Vocals
Jonas R. – Guitars
Yannik Z. – Guitars
Markus S. – Bass
David W. – Drums
Record Label: Bastardized Recordings


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