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Rising Five - No Death Reborn

Rising Five
No Death Reborn
by Martin "Doomed" Desbois at 17 October 2018, 11:59 AM

Mike Tirelli (RIOT,MESSIAH'S KISS,HOLY MOTHER) is revealing is new project RISING FIVE. This is an EP consisting in five titles totaling a little less than 20 minutes. They can be defined as DISTURBED messing with FOO FIGHTERS while having vocals similar to RONNIE JAMES DIO. They are a Hard-Rock band. This EP was recorded in Hideout Recording Studios in Las Vegas. "No Death Reborn" is the title track and is a great starter. Tirelli's voice is great and quite strong and expressive.Heavy simple riffs leads the way through the song. This is a song about problems youth of today is exposed too often. Talks about obsessions, addictions that most of the time trick the youngsters into violence. Overall, there are great vocal harmonies, and we can even hear children sing in the last minutes of the song and also cellos. The only thing that bugged me a little is the production.T he instruments sounds a little too much unnatural maybe a little too "computer'-processed.

"Today" is an energetic and more straight forward song. The drums are very synthetic and makes me think of some industrial metal. Very entertaining. Tirelli's vocals are less emotionally involved. A more rough approach while staying in the "clean vocals". This song could have been much longer:maybe 5 minutes? I as only starting having fun and it was already gone. "Superstar" is a cover from CARPENTERS. It's nicely done and quite different from the original one. There are many reverb effects and delay added to pounding drums teamed up with heavy guitars and majestic vocals makes this cover song cool to hear. This is a new way to interpret a big classic. "Light that fuse" is a great rock injection right in the veins. The backing vocals are good. The drums are once again synthetic or is it the way they were recorded…it annoys me a little. This is a perfect track to ride a motorcycle or challenging death on highway 666. I like the vibe of this track. Rock on Buddies!

"Why do you Hate me" is a bomb fed with fat heavy bass lines and supercharged guitars on our way to rock n' roll hell. This one has a great potential: guitar shreds, powerful singing,and moving drums.The bass could sounds more clean, it gets lost in the mix in my opinion. This is overwhelming rock. Playing this one live should kill everyone and make them beg for more. Rising FIVE is a great EP. Tons of great ideas are expressed here. I really dig Tirelli's voice and way of singing. Maybe being a RIOT fan helped me pretty much in thinking that way. The only problem here is the production. I don't like it the way it was recorded. But this isn't a disaster at all, just annoying, but many should find pleasure in listening to it. Maybe i' m just grumpy.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. No Death Reborn
2. Today
3. Superstar
4. Light the fuse
5. Why do you Hate me
Mike Tirelli - Vocals
Wayne Banks - Bass
Jason Banks - Guitar
Tim Brown - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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