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Rising Insane – Afterglow Award winner

Rising Insane
by Will Travers at 16 January 2022, 9:41 PM

Metalcore from Germany? Oooh, yes please! Especially when it is coming from one of the most dynamic up and coming acts from the continent. RISING INSANE are a five piece Metalcore act who have taken all their chance in recent years and absolutely blown listeners away. Today we have their most recent release “Afterglow”, the 12 track studio album is sure to be full of high energy and intense music. Let’s get stuck in. The album artwork is beautiful to be honest, and the more I look at it the more I am drawn to it.

Opening the record is the titular “Afterglow” and it does not disappoint. The vocals are sharp and aggressive, with some delicate undertones in sections. Layered superbly. The instrumentals are tight as hell, brutal riffs interspersed with floating little licks that just take the track from good to outstanding. What a way to break in the album. “Flightless Bird” starts off dense and heavy before breaking into this gentler section. It flits between heavy and soft throughout, and RISING INSANE uses this to great effect. I was explaining to my partner recently that when a band nails this style of structure, then the song is inevitably going to be fantastic, and “Flightless Bird” has to be possibly one of the best examples of this that I have heard for some time.

“Serenade” strikes me as some sort of anti-ballad. The lyrics seem to lend themselves towards quite an abusive relationship, someone who is coming and going as the please in another’s life, with little to no regard for what it is doing to them. The reality, as told by the band is ‘in principle, it is a relationship too – only it is the one with depression and anxiety disorders’. Having been to some  dark places myself, this really struck a chord with me. Another beautifully crafted and hard hitting track. “The Surface” is another track with some lyrical depth. In fact, it is represented by the artwork. As it examines the pursuit of happiness and how this can in itself become detrimental and contribute to depressive episodes. Musically, it is fast, intense and busy. This to me is symbolism of the chaos and million mile an hour lives that we live as a society trying to achieve this idealised ‘normal’ life less we be perceived lesser citizens of our respective nations.

Closing the record is “Imprisoned” the band noted that this is a symbol of the outstretched hand to drag you back from the depths and is also a statement that RISING INSANE is there for everyone, through their music and together you can overcome anything. It is another track that just delivers on every level. It is delicate and intimate. It is brutal and intense. But it is a beautiful and fitting ending to such a fantastic album.

I really had no idea what to expect coming into this, I am not overly familiar with RISING INSANE, but HOLY SHIT. Have we just found my album of the year? Every track from start to finish is full of sublime music, some lyrical mastery and the profound effect that it has had on me was astounding. I have fallen in love with this record and will have it on repeat for quite some time. Fans of early BRING ME THE HORIZION be sure to check out RISING INSANE for your healthy dose of Metalcore. Can I give this an 11!?!

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Afterglow
2. Meant To Live
3. War
4. Flightless Bird
5. Serenade
6. Oxygen
7. Breakout
8. The Surface
9. Something Inside Of Me
10. Broken Homes
11. Bend And Break
12. Imprisoned 
Aaron – Vocals
Nick – Guitar
Sven – Guitar
Ulf – Bass
Robert – Drums
Record Label: Long Branch Records


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Edited 04 December 2022

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