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Rising Regime - Survive or Die

Rising Regime
Survive or Die
by Quinten Serna at 14 July 2019, 11:04 PM

Artistic pursuit is nothing to scoff at or an item to be taken for granted as those few people who possess visions of grandeur and with the ability, fortitude, and discipline to see these visions come to life are few and incredibly varied. Such is the case with “Rising Regime” whose instrumentations and compositions are all credited to one person, a fellow by the pseudonym Rytzyk. With the band page coming to existence in late of 2018 “Rising Regime” saw its first release credited in May of 2019, and despite its formation of just one man it delivers a punch and bite heavier than convention.

The full-length album commences with the song “Zombified” a quick tempo song with huge shifts in pitch and dynamics between the strings. The song starts with a bang no transition or segue just a jump straight into the motif wherein the Death Metal vocals quickly join. An interesting element of the song is the trade off of solos between the left and right channel despite there only being one guitarist on the record. The song jumps around between the parsed out chords and chugging, to open tremolo picking higher notes, to ascensions that have a bit of breathing space and despite all the variances in the singular song none are met with any jumps or off-beat notes every passage feels intrinsic and natural. “Sewer Slaves” is the next song on the track listing,

The album has unnaturally pristine production quality, something I would never really associate with a solo project yet here it is. Each instrument is balanced in its own rite with the guitars being distinguishable yet harmonious, the bass fulfilling but not overpowering, the drums being self-contained and driving, and the vocals shrill and powerful. “Immortal Son” is itself most likely the best epitome of this delivery, it commences with an atmospheric introduction before delving headfirst into the band’s motif of quick and heavy with parsed out drums and guitars before the full set joins in; a quickened version of the introduction is used for the chorus before the entire song changes pace and dynamics and ends—however it is within these passages that we are able to hear some of the more obscure intricacies of the sound design such as the minute differences between the tones of both guitars, the grizzly compression of the vocals, the sequestered bass laying out the foundation for the song, and the barreling relentless drums.

Survive or Die” is an odd assortment of Thrash and Death Metal styled tracks—where “Will Not Die” and “Toxic Blameshifter” are the greatest combination of the two on the album—that meets both genres with reverence and admiration, as this album in its entirety exists as one person’s project made production, and we as listeners are able to discern those intentions realized on a metal album. This album is interesting not only for its design and production but also for its material content with songs that seem larger than full bands at times, and the cathartic constitution met in a full visceral delivery.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Zombified
2. Sewer Slaves
3. Death Breath
4. Immortal Son
5. The Swing of the Pendulum
6. Rebuild
7. Will Not Die
8. Toxic Blameshifter
9. The End’s Begun
Rytzyk - Guitars, Vocals, and Bass
Record Label: Independent


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