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Ritual Suicide - Nocturnal Haematolagnia

Ritual Suicide
Nocturnal Haematolagnia
by Chris Hawkins at 26 October 2020, 9:40 AM

For those not aware of the meaning behind haematalolagnia, it is a condition in which one has a sexual fetish for blood, one so intense it causes arousal when present on one’s partner.  Often, this primal motivation is followed by vampiric acts of biting and bloodletting.  One must wonder why it has taken so long for such a term to rear its head within the Metal world – it seems the perfect six syllable word to fly off the tongue of Dani Filth.  When it comes to unholy sincerity, though, RITUAL SUICIDE are guilty as charged.  Formed in Ukraine back in 2005, RITUAL SUICIDE forged a career in the underground by staying true to the tenets of pure Black Metal, effectively the anti-Dani Filth.  Unfortunately, the band split up last year but adherents to their dark gospel of blood rituals and black masses will rejoice that the band have now released a postscript, as it were, in the form of “Nocturnal Haematolagnia”.

If you like your Black Metal complimented by sweeping orchestral passages and haunting, gothic atmosphere, RITUAL SUICIDE is about as far from that end of the spectrum as possible.  However, those who revel in the unabashed, sacrosanct formula of painfully loud raucous Black Metal in step with the minimalist efforts of the more extreme bands of the genre will flock to this like a swarm of vampires on a chaste, flummoxed virgin.  “Nocturnal Haematolagnia” is completely devoid of any pretension or pandering to commercialism.  As such, one must respect the dedication of the musicians involved, Majest and Zaaph, who are obviously devoted to the art as purists.

The first track is a combination of two songs, “Let the Blood Flow” and “Torture Chambers” and while it comes close to ten minutes, it is a powerful opening statement of intent.  That intent is total unholy annihilation of the light, a self-perpetuating darkness taking over the land.  The band mix a classic old school DARKTHRONE meets JUDAS ISCARIOT approach that is mostly devoid of melody but chocked full of cold, bitter outbursts of animalistic rage and contempt for humanity.  A song like the fourth track, “Sacrifice to Those of the Night,” is another prime example of the band’s formula, a mix of varying tempos including sections bordering on outright dirges and others in full blast mode.

Hearing Black Metal played as such really recalls many of the reasons the genre has engendered such rabid devotion from the indoctrinated.  There are themes of independence, Luciferian rebellion, and spiritual catharsis running throughout.  In fact, Black Metal shares the purity element that ingrained itself in the Punk movement.  Like true Punk, pure Black Metal is a scene tailor made for disaffected youth marginalized by the ever-churning cycle of materialism that pervades our global culture.

Nocturnal Haematolagnia” is less of a swan song and more of a last call for fans of the band.  Over the course of ten tracks, RITUAL SUICIDE meditate upon their bloodthirst, a tale of desire, lust, and hedonistic masochism.  The album successfully sums up the band’s last stab – or bite – in the shadows of preternatural, vampiric Black Metal, true nocturnal supremacy!

Songwriting:  7
Originality:  7
Memorability:  7
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Let the Blood Flow + Torture Chambers
2. Ordination of the Masochistic Souls
3. Tenets of the Final Night
4. Sacrifice to Those of the Night
5. Satiating the Blood Crazed Nymph
6. Unto Starving Shadows They Bled
7. Pact with the Unliving
8. The Moon is a Cruel Mistress
9. Nocturnal Haematolagnia
10. All the Blood is Drained
Majest – Vocals, Guitar
Zaaph – Bass
Record Label: Forever Plagued Records


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