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Ritualization - Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss

Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss
by Jussi Gough at 26 April 2017, 10:01 AM

France's latest export of it's finest in blackened death metal we introduce RITUALIZATION unleashing it's musical beast titled Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss. An album of disturbing mental imagery set to impale itself upon your blackened soul only to be enlightened through it's ten song gory onslaught of pain. Song titles themselves reveal a lot of what this album paints musically but it's that everlasting embedded impression that leaves you tormented for more. Setting the dark spirit free into a diabolic twist of guitars and growls is song “Last Rites to the Damned” which can be hailed as a song of vital energy dimming the light force from within with it's wicked guitar riffs to enraged triggered drumming. Dark environment truly runs its course with this release but not only that but it's supercharged in a way that shows an impressive recording production. Take for example song “Beneath the Sepulchre” totally blows the last of any bodily remains into dust with it's ferocious toned vocals, speed demon guitarists lashing their triple six string axes to the heavily forged drumming that is all around brutal.

Embracing the vibe of Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss there is much that happens with the musical aspect that its speed from beginning to end that is richly contagious. What I mean by richly contagious is that all the songs possess a soul of their own for there is an energy sense one gets of the band MORTUARY DRAPE (Buried In Time-2004) with a twist of early CANNIABLE CORPSE. But with RITUALIZATION they incorporate brutally fronted singing that is extremely well versed from Warchangel whose approach is sheer terror. Spreading the dark forces further into oblivion guitarists Da'ath and Infamist pile drive their chaotic chords of destruction on “Morbid Magick Stigmata”, a song which induces harmonious fear into the listener but elegantly quashes it (5:27). From that point on the remaining track flows into a web of haunting sounds echoing from disembodied voices from beyond.

RITUALIZATION's Sacraments To The Sons Of The Abyss release has memorable flair with a pleasing production that delivers. From the musically malicious songs to the soul haunting intro of “Conjuration of the Howling Depths” and outro “Ashes Pouring from the Chalice” which beautifully showcases how these songs fit into their places. Album is delightfully wicked for it is an interesting arrangement of torrid tunes that can awaken any senses at any moment. RITUALIZATION has it all with this album and is guaranteed to please any metal head regardless of genre. Enchantedly devilish this album reaches to the heavens to drag any soul to the underworld without question.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Conjuration of the Howling Depths (Intro)
2. Last Rites to the Damned
3. Genesis to Your Curse
4. Herald of Betrayal
5. The Graveyard Coven
6. Beneath the Sepulchre
7. Revealed in Terror
8. Morbid Magick Stigmata
9. Heretics
10. Ashes Pouring from the Chalice (Outro)
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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