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Rival Sons – Pressure & Time

Rival Sons
Pressure & Time
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 16 June 2011, 1:46 PM

This is yet another 70s Rock eruption that covered almost every aspect of that wonderful Rock N' Roll era. The American band, RIVAL SONS, signed to Earache Records, proved that no matter the new stuff that is out there, they knew truly how to craft the material, attitude and the right vintage mood of Rock's glorious of days. The energies of the newly released "Pressure & Time" is the best of what this group could come up with for this year and yes, it truly felt great and with a sense of class. So get ready to feel the pressure on your skull.

Part of what interested me in RIVAL SONS is the fact that they seemed to be more connected with the more Bluesy side of Rock N' Roll and Hard Rock and less with the dark sides of BLACK SABBATH for that matter. "Pressure & Time" reminded me of several big stars that unleashed this classy type of Rock mayhem in the 70s, and even the late 60s. Those artists were THE DOORS, THE KINKS, THE WHO, LED ZEPPELIN, THE BEATLES, JIMI HENDRIX and even THE EAGLES in some points along the way.

Furthermore, the production of this release was exactly as a vintage production should sound like. It sounded rough with much attention to the vocal and bass lines. Not even a shred of modernity. You can be sure that this group entrusted their hands to a production manager that knew exactly what he was doing. RIVAL SONS, with this current album and the rest of their short discography, sounded as if they were aliens from the past and in our case, they are very likable aliens.

In general, "Pressure & Time" presented a musical direction, which in the terms of that era and also can be said today, is rather basic and quite catchy, even 70s Pop, although we are dealing with Rock N' Roll. But hey, even THE BEATLES were considered a Rock N' Roll / Pop act once. Thanks to the high class vocals of Jay Buchanan, that turned out to be a vintage shout out, Holiday's and Everheart's guitars and bass assault along with Miley's definitive drumming, this band created some great compositions that won't let down any 70s Rock enthusiastic. Tracks as the wild "Get Mine" and gypsy "could be a classic one day" "Gypsy's Heart" turned up the surge of heat.

In order to rightfully feel the possibilities of "Pressure & Time", I have to urge you to listen to the entire release. RIVAL SONS, with their vintage attitude, slammed the door on other bands that try to relive the 70s. Their style and feel is massive. Even though not all of all of the tracklist is close to the duo tracks I mentioned, those were still great and worthy of your attention. Feel the pressure and take the time.

4 Star Rating

1. All Over the Road
2. Young Love
3. Pressure and Time
4. Only One
5. Get Mine
6. Burn Down Los Angeles
7. Save Me
8. Gypsy Heart
9. White Noise
10. Face of Light
Jay Buchanan– Vocals
Scott Holiday– Guitars
Robin Everheart– Bass
Miley- Drums
Record Label: Earache Records


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