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Riverge – Rebirth Of Skull

Rebirth Of Skull
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 31 July 2011, 6:32 PM

How about that SLAYER dudes? No wait a minute, this not SLAYER, this is something else. This is not even American, hell, its Japanese. This is the first time I trip on a different version of SLAYER that is from the Far East. What's funny is that this band I am talking about, RIVERGE, has been alive for quite a while, since 1985 to be exact. They started back in the time when SLAYER released their second album, "Hell Awaits" and right before their critically acclaimed gold, "Reign In Blood". Actually, when RIVERGE released their debut single, "Till I Die", SLAYER introduced their "Reign In Blood" in practically the same time.

So as you can see, everything here is connected to SLAYER in some way. RIVERGE's new compilation, I think I can call it a compilation as it is a selection of tracks from their past, released under the German MDD Records, is a cool display of old school Thrash almost in the same way that SLAYER once did back in the 80s. Even the production seemed to be almost indistinguishable to SLAYER's prime of the "Reign In Blood" era. Well, to honest, not everything in what RIVERGE did throughout their career exactly matched the same skills as what SLAYER used to play in the 80s.

"Rebirth Of Skull"had its share of brutal 80s style Thrash hits. "Thought Free" was a well done traditional, slow tempo Thrasher that lashed out in fury after a few moments. "Stavish Charge" is an all around killing machine with a simple structure, that might sound banal nowadays, yet it can be considered as a heavy mosher with a cool and straightforward gang like chorus. "Positive Ruin", an unreleased track, "Dual Attack" and "Till I Die" were similar in their direction and vein to early SLAYER and attacked hard with their fearless brutality. The basics elements behind all of RIVERGE's material are simplicity and catchiness following the 80s Thrash code. More like the SLAYER Thrash code.

"Rebirth Of Skull", released the second time by the way, wasn't that unique as it might sound like a copycat of old SLAYER. Moreover, with their ample hits, RIVERGE haven't reached the level of SLAYER's outputs as we are talking here about different perceptions. RIVERGE might sounded similar, whether it was sound, playing techniques and even vocals, yet in the end of the day, their output quality was different from what the American veterans played.

"Rebirth Of Skull"is a fun album for devoted Thrashers that don't really care if it sounds and breaths like SLAYER. In a way I agree with that notion, so what if smells the same? SEPULTURA's greatest album, "Beneath The Remains", also sounded a lot like SLAYER and still it has countless followers. How about that for a thought? Thrash on.  

3 Star Rating

1. Thought Free
2. Till I Die
3. What A Creature
4. Positive Ruin
5. Hungry Child
6. Dual Attack
7. Cutting Edge
8. Stavish Charge
9. Damned World
10. A and A (Live)
Shoji Nakamura- Vocals
Yasuyuki Nasu - Guitar
Yukiteru Takeshita - Guitar
Momoko Ishikava - Bass
Katsuyuki Matsumoto - Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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