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Rivers Of Nihil – Monarchy Award winner

Rivers Of Nihil
by Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne at 10 October 2015, 10:36 PM

Throughout history, our souvenirs of Monarchies have been forged into a bloody hell, leaded by cruel men. Because the power was monopolized by one individual, it often led to threatening laws, followed by mighty revolutions. Playing with this theme of notoriety and punishment, RIVERS OF NIHIL recently unleashed a somber and heavy record, one to fear and obey. ''Monarchy'', the Pennsylvanian quintet's forth effort, exudes drama, technicality, tremendous creativity and commitment. Constructed of 10 wicked tunes, ''Monarchy'' serves an imposing demonstration of the power metal can hold and express when played by talented, hard-working men. If incredibly rapid and violent at first, the music sure holds a refined side to it; smoothed out by profound tones and melodious experimentation. Experience the record, experience every feeling to it.

A rusty guitar enters slowly, firmly exuding menace and decay through its tone. The gravity, in all its terror, infectiously develops itself into the mind of the listener. Ethereal, impalpable, the strings go on and on, establishing absolute domination and control. In an aura of mystery and echo, a stomping drum notoriously dictates and leads an impending omen… Energy in constant accumulation, an imposing intensification rises and falls to ashes under the great command of a quintet working in perfect fusion and synchronicity. Feeding the natural rage and hatred inside one's soul, the ruthless cruelty fuels an ocean of turmoil throughout the entire piece. Albeit its cutthroat nature and relentless flavor, RIVERS OF NIHIL ingeniously incorporate melodic support to the general, rip-out madness. While a latent heaviness deviously creeps from the depths of every track and thoroughly backs the busy and technical instrumentals, loads of guitar harmonies lead to luminous passages exploding into glorious mixtures of emotions. Note how the turbulence and force never quite disappear, they only blend and flow into the various influences and garnished partitions. Nevertheless, the passages entirely dedicated to brutality are never quite far either, always ready to plunge us back into a somber abyss of anguish.

It takes less than a minute to realize it, but the words may elude you to describe it: the formation's music is surreal. If flowing and cantabile seem in utter contradiction with distortion and violence, think twice and give RIVERS OF NIHIL a try. With no particular label, the quintet amuses themselves through many versions of the technical, brutal, death, black and melo spectrum. With a huge sense of control and confidence, all five members combine their forces and strive for success, delivering an ever so beautiful ambition and passion. Through practice and endurance, perfectionism and a great love of details, RIVERS OF NIHIL set their technique higher than ever.

Every instrument contributes, every note takes place in this all-consuming, organized chaos. Forming one massive entity, every nuances fit hand in hand with another, every bits and pieces fall in place and offer complete satisfaction. Experimentation once again pays, as the musicians gain even bigger credibility from daring and exploring into progressive (semi-psychedelic) sections, assorted rhythms and melodious passages (''Sand Baptism'', ''Monarchy'', ''Terrestria II Thrive''). The sturdy bass lines combined to the slippery tone ground the record consistently, as the raging drummer hits like a restless maniac, underpinning the low and irascible voice.

Experience a journey of passion, ambition and soul to its core. Grasp the concept of unity, power and solidity behind RIVERS OF NIHIL's music; cherish this type of creativity and dedication. The metal scene may be filled with talent and potential, but hard working kids like these will always be needed. For metal's sake and future, give us more bands like these, because they represent what the scene truly needs, those are the bands who live on to pass the torch throughout their mighty legacy. As the spectrum they play within is quite large, the formation delivers a wide color palette from moving to dramatic and technical to soothing, with great transitions and polished connecters. Because profound musicianship truly exists, no words will ever be needed to express what the music is meant to transmit. Eternally culminating and boiling towards a peek, ''Monarchy'' will leave you short of breath, stunned, amazed, shaking from admiration and emotion. Ah, yes, a fine piece of artistry.

5 Star Rating

1. Heirless
2. Perpetual Growth Machine
3. Reing of Dreams
4. Sand Baptism
5. Ancestral, I
6. Dehydrate
7. Monarchy
8. Terrestria II Thrive
9. Circles in the Sky
10. Suntold
Jake Dieffenbach – Vocals
Brody Uttley – Lead Guitar
Jon Topore – Guitar
Adamn Biggs – Bass, Vocals
Alan Balamut – Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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