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Riverside – Lost ‘n’ Found: Live In Tilburg Award winner

Lost ‘n’ Found: Live In Tilburg
by Gary Hernandez at 05 January 2021, 2:10 AM

On October 18, 2015, the Polish Prog Metal band, RIVERSIDE, held a concert in Tilburg, Netherlands. It was later released in 2017 as a limited fan club/tour-edition and entitled, “Lost ’n’ Found - Live in Tilburg.” The album is rare for several reasons apart from its limited supply. First, it captures a performance from one of the biggest shows during the band’s 2015 European tour supporting their sixth full-length album, “Love, Fear and the Time Machine.” Second, it documents their last tour with original guitarist and founding member Piotr Grudzinski (RIP 2016). Third, it is one of the most well-recorded live albums out there.

Despite the fact that some collectors may be a little riled at a possible impact on the value of their record collections, on December 11, 2020 this remarkable performance was made available via a limited mediabook 2CD+DVD, a gatefold 3LP on 180g. vinyl with the full concert on two CDs, and a digital album. The release enables the band to reach a much wider audience and serves as a living testimony to the genius of an ensemble that for obvious reasons will never play again. Also, music lives by being heard . . . and this album needs to live.

For a Prog album, “Lost ’n’ Found - Live in Tilburg” is about as raw as you’ll get, with no overdubs or artificial layering to smooth out the rough edges. Covering over 103 minutes of play time across 13 tracks, the album is diverse and wide-ranging. There are, of course, the expected melancholic and introspective arrangements, but also moments of visceral riffs and sheer angst. It’s hard to listen to the album without a tinge of remorse, being aware of Piotr Grudziński’s untimely end, but there is also a tremendous sense of awe knowing that music can’t be diminished by mortality.

This entire album is remarkable and unforgettable. My favorite tracks are mostly from disc one, including “Feel Lile Feeling,” “Hyperactive,” “Conceiving You,” “Panic Room,” and “Under The Pillow.” Disc two comes across a little more subdued but “Egoist Hedonist” and “Found” are on my standout list. There is also the 20-minute track, “Escalator Shrine,” which I have a love/hate relationship with. Its elongated intro, steady crescendo, and epic conclusion are satisfying, but the song gives me flashbacks of RAINBOW “On Stage” and reminds me why we have Punk.

There will be invariably a segment of the RIVERSIDE fanbase that feels slighted at this release. There will also be many new fans who will relish the opportunity to discover this band’s back catalogue and eagerly explore new albums, including the upcoming February 2021 “Out Of Myself.” “Lost ’n’ Found - Live in Tilburg” is an outstanding album own its own merits and stands as a worthy legacy to Piotr Grudziński.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1.      Lost
2.      Feel Like Falling
3.      Hyperactive
4.      Conceiving You
5.      Panic Room
6.      Under The Pillow
7.      The Depth Of Self-Delusion
8.      Saturate Me
9.      Egoist Hedonist
10.   We Got Used To Us
11.   Escalator Shrine
12.   The Same River
13.   Found
Mariusz Duda – Bass, vocals
Piotr Kozieradzki – Drums
Michał Łapaj – Keyboards, vocals (backing)
Piotr Grudziński (R.I.P. 2016) – Guitars (lead)
Record Label: InsideOut Music


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Edited 02 February 2023

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