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Roar - King Of Hell

King Of Hell
by Eldad "Blacknasa" Stainbook at 01 October 2012, 4:02 PM

"Old School Metal",  I remember the days when it was just Metal or maybe new school Metal, with bands like METALLICA with their old school album "Kill 'Em All" and bands like SLAYER, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH and others. Only a few kept the real old school Metal flame with speedy riffs and fast tempos and threshed guitars. Those were the days. Many members of these bands went to different paths, however it does seem that we are having some kind of a renascence of old school Metal with numerous bands like SEAX and now ROAR.

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, these guys are not joking around, they have just released their first album with the obligating name ,"King Of Hell", ROAR have been trying to revive the old school vibe, and don't worry about it, the lyrics are in English. The album is filled with Speed fucking Metal assault, no olds bar no shit no ballads and no crap, The band uses fast riffs and nice vocals with soaring screams (a must have).

The best songs in the album for me were "King Of Hell", "We Are Roar" and "Metal Or Death". All the songs in the album, as I mentioned, consists of great riffing, great drumming sequences and everything is fast no shit, "Metal Or Death" become some kind of the hymn of the band the same as all bands in the old school world that used to form anthems back in the day.

Overall, the album is very good with some minor production glitches, regardless the glitches, this album does make me happy to listen and see that old school Metal is back again with full power and for good.

4 Star Rating

1. A Call to Arm
2. In the Name of God
3. Die With Disonor
4. The Seeping Giant
5. Metal or Death
6. We are Roar
7. Forces of Evil
8. King of Hell
9. Metal or Death
Helldriver- Drums
Noloch- Rhythm Guitars
Mario Cano– Lead Guitars
Sergio "Kaiser" Casanova- Vocals
Percy- Bass
Record Label: Independent


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