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Roarback - Face The Sun

Face The Sun
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 23 April 2012, 10:40 PM

Thanks to the help of Vlad Nowajczyk of the Polish magazine “Rocker”, I found the version of SEPULTURA if Max Cavalera had stayed with them instead of ditching them to the dogs, in the image of the Danish ROARBACK, a title probably taken from the past SEPULTURA album. With no disrespects to the high and mighty Derek Green, SEPLUTURA is Cavalera’s home turf and nothing would ever change that. “Face The Sun” is the band’s debut EP / Demo release consisting of four songs that pretty much provide the decent idea of their true passions and what they have been covering for quite some time. Yeah, you’re probably guessed like me earlier on that it’s SEPULTURA. However, following their efforts to find themselves in the boundaries of the ancient Brazilian band that used to break walls inside my head, ROARBACK didn’t quite roared back in my face with their own true signature.

In a way, ROARBACK did something that I wished that SEPULTURA would do now, even without Cavalera, and that is the conjuring of their old and newer stuff into a high quality monstrosity that might have flourished if given the chance. Sure that ROARBACK presented more of the old school side of Brazilian grave hatchers, and I believe that it would be easy to find it out from the simple riffing that is merely old school like SLAYERish as the giants once used to play and less of the modern smashing grooves that came after the “Chaos A.D.” era. On the other hand, ROARBACK may have unleashed a mixed version of their influences, but that is the problem. There I must say it again that when I listen to ROARBACK I am listening to SEPULTURA.

The material, its approach, the feel, all is just too similar to the origin. Just for example, even the soloing was utterly “Beneath The Remains” style. Not that back then SEPULTRUA didn’t try to imitate SLAYER just a bit but despite that the former already had a name from themselves in the South American and world scene. Would things have been different if the ROARBACK foundation is to do covers of SEPULTURA or SOULFLY mainly? I don’t think so, though they have what it takes to do such a thing and even good, just check out their own thing in “I Will Find You” and “My World” (man I can’t get enough with that “Territory” style opening). Nevertheless, since ROARBACK decided to form their own thing and write their own music and lyrics, I think that in a way they are bounded to find themselves and their own signature. Through the two songs that I mentioned there were sections where it was the distorted face of someone else, but I assume that there is a limit to how close you can come to your own Metal gods. Either way, I would give this band a chance, try to get a hand on this EP.    

3 Star Rating

1. Face The Sun
2. I Will Find You
3. My World
4. Warmachine 
Dennis Ullehus- Vocals
Andreas Dixø– Guitars
Andreas Rohde- Guitars
Kåre Holm-Sørensen- Drums
Mikkel Stender- Bass
Record Label: Independent


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