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Roargh - Second Helping

Second Helping
by Patrick Eden at 20 August 2014, 8:43 PM

“Second Helping” is the, ahem, second helping from Hudson Valley thrashers RÖÄRGH, that’s pronounced ‘roh-arg’ apparently, and it’s ok, but no more than that.  First things first, the album is good where it matters, it starts well, and it ends very well. Sadly the meat of the sandwich or the middle, to use the technical jargon, does fall down a bit.

OK, I say a bit, I do not want to hear the song, “Fast Food Run” for the rest of my days. Sure, I love tongue-in-cheek lyrics but the song still has to be good, “Fast Food Run” isn’t good, and it’s not particularly funny either, did I hear him scream that cheese gives him gas? It’s just come off as trying a bit too hard to get a laugh, although doubtless they’ll find their audience for it at some point. “War-Torn Limbs” is raw and intense but sadly just sounds messy and lacking in cohesion. “Lessons In Humility”, while retaining the intensity and power that RÖÄRGH exude during every song, still just doesn’t quite do it for me.

So, complaining over, what do the band do right? Well when the band get it right, they get it fucking right. “Scarified” is a corker of a track, the band’s Melodic Death Metal side really comes to the fore with some superb guitars the whole way through, there’s just a bit more to it than the songs that follow it, and considering it’s the first proper track on the album I really got my hopes up for what would follow, but we’ve already covered that.

Sadly we have to wait until the end (of what admittedly is quite a short record) to get another good song, “Unholy Mantra” and “A Long Hard Look At Life” which essentially serves as it’s intro, is another great song, the band switch seamlessly between lighter and heavier passages in another Melo-death influenced song, it also features some nice sounding clean vocals, aside from Birdman’s screams which I frankly didn’t think much of.

Despite the fact that I didn’t particularly enjoy this album, I’d still recommend people to give it a listen. I know what I don’t like and “Second Helping” was a good example of that, but those who like no nonsense Thrash might still get a kick out of it, although if you like “Fast Food Run” I’ll hunt you down myself.

Quite simply, a couple of songs aside that are notably more Melo-Death styled and which I really do enjoy. It’s not really my cup of char, old boy.

2 Star Rating

1. Lacerations
2. Scarified
3. Fast Food Run
4. War-Torn Limbs
5. Lessons In Humility
6. A Long Hard Look At Life
7. Unholy Mantra
Dan ‘Birdman’ Seigal – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Rob ‘Beastman’ Muller – Guitar
Destin ‘Goreman’ Hunt – Bass
Will ‘er Killer’ Kamerman – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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