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Rob Rock - Garden Of Chaos (CD)

Rob Rock
Garden Of Chaos
by Grigoris Chronis at 17 September 2007, 1:29 AM

Rob Rock: one of the most underrated (along with Tony Martin?) Hard 'n' Heavy vocalists of all time? Sure, yeah. Thankfully, his recent solo works - both 2005's Holy Hell and this year's Garden Of Chaos prove he can still write and perform quality music on his own. It may be difficult to categorize Rob's music (to a certain extend, of course) but this damn hot voice still means serious business…and business is good!
When you have collaborated with-musicians/in-bands like Axel Rudi Pell, IMPELLITTERI, WARRIOR, Tony McAlpine and JOSHUA it sure is an easy task to conclude we're talkin' bout a great throat. I feel Rob Rock's fame not ever rising to a higher level for dozens of reasons but - on the other hand - cannot deny the ultimate fact that he has served the guitar-driven Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music with much of enthusiasm and less of appetite for being a star. At least, this is what his 00's solo attempts have shown to the Metal world.
Two years after the magnificent Holy Hell, it is Garden Of Chaos carrying on the tradition of guitar-based, loud-singing Hard 'n' Heavy music as provided by other notable solo musicians (like e.g. Axel Rudi Pell). Hence, for those not a priori familiar with Rob Rock, keep in mind we 're talkin' about a mix of melodic Hard Rock 'aura' with straight Euro Heavy music similar to bands like e.g. Y.J. MALMSTEEN, PRETTY MAIDS or NARNIA (referring to the 'blend').
Talkin' about the Rob Rock faithful: Rob here uses a lot of 'rhythm'-PRIEST-meets-'harmonic'-MAIDEN-meets-Tony Martin's-BLACK SABBATH influence, while he succeeds in sounding completely 'metal' in singing his throat out. Garden Of Chaos is a rolling thunder with a marvelous dual-guitar intermezzo and a great melodic solo. Satan's Playground is a double-bass mid tempo Euro Metal anthem with Rob at his best plus a great pre-chorus/chorus dual attack the way he has offered the last twenty years. Savior's Call could be a (new) HELLOWEEN, STRATOVARIUS or EDGUY tune, but with a killer 'classic' Metal riff and some non-keyboards 'raw' attitude. This Time Is the Last Time sees a more rockin' attitude in this certain 'chill out' tempo with Rob Rock unveiling some 'virtuosic' singing while Only A Matter Of Time starts rather weird for such an artist but is developed in a similar - to its predecessor - way. Can, though, be judged as a mediocre track for the Rob Rock standards.
Spirit In The Sky could be a tune penned for Tony Martin; meaning, keys-veiled TYR-era Heavy Metal music with Rob screaming his guts out and the guitars performing some early MALMSTEEN fire. Metal Breed speeds up (not that much, keep in mind) to typical European Metal likes - perfect for your in-your-face needs - while Millennial Reign speeds up to the limit, in the (fast) IRON MAIDEN or HELLOWEEN tempos. Unconditional and Ode To Alexander wrap up the album in a 'smooth ballad' way; I loved the latter while I kinda ignored the former.
Special credit should go to the musicianship, as the whole - singer excluded - NARNIA lineup supports some exceptional playing, while FIREWIND mainman Gus G. wrote the title track plus provided the wonderful solo on Ride The Wind (Japanese version bonus track). Rob's wife, Liza, provided keyboards plus she co-sang Ode To Alexander. Not to forget, Bobby Jarzombek (JUGGERNAUT, RIOT, ICED EARTH, HALFORD, DEMONS & WIZARDS) plays drums on Ride The Wind and This Time Is The Last Time while the one and only Roy Z handled the writing and production in 2 songs - the rest of them handled by axeman Carl-Johan Grimmark. Conclusion: what a team…
Rob Rock is a man much-loved by classic hardrockers and metalheads. Newer fans should grab the chance to hear this magnificent voice singing fine Hard/Heavy/Power Metal songs. That simple.

4 Star Rating

Garden Of Chaos
Satan's Playground
Savior's Call
This Time Is the Last Time
Only A Matter Of Time
Spirit In The Sky
Metal Breed
Millennial Reign
Ode To Alexander
Rob Rock - Vocals
Carl-Johan Grimmark - Guitar
Andreas Johansson - Drums
Andreas Olsson - Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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