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Rob Rock - Holy Hell (CD)

Rob Rock
Holy Hell
by Grigoris Chronis at 10 April 2005, 7:23 PM

Some voices in Hard/Metal music I find irresistible. Needless to say, Rob Rock is on the list. I first heard his lungs on Joshua's Intense Defense (1988) album; it was a matter of days to gather (nearly) all his discography. I've only  missed one release(Driver, with Roy Z). Shit happens when you are addicted…
Rob Rock's most valuable album to date - for me - is the M.A.R.S. project. Not only because this album (Project: Driver - 1986) features an all-star line up - guitar guru Tony Mc Alpine and the Blizzard Of Oz rhythm section of Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge - but because these tunes adjusted Rob's style. Just listen to Fantasy and then write down similarities with Joshua's Only Yesterday, Impellitteri's Grin And Bear It (1992 - the whole album), Axel Rudi Pell's Unchain The Thunder from Nasty Reputation (1991) or his previous two efforts - Rage Of Creation (2000) and Eyes Of Eternity (2003). That's right, the man needs awesome guitarist(s) balancing equally between Hard and Heavy, to cry his ass out delivering a powerful and passionate performance every single time he grabs the mic.
A mega bonus for Holy Hell is the participation of Bobby Jarzombeck, who I do consider one of the best players around EVER! The man is the perfect base on which every single tune, melody or lead part can be transformed into a hyper great song. I enjoyed the whole album and lots of credit goes to him specifically.
Holy Hell is a somehow brutal title for a Rob Rock album? Weird, ha? Don't worry, it's just the basic lyrical concept of the album that deals with - I guess - what I like to call church issues. Anyway, after viewing again the excellent cover, it's the inside that matters: Heavy Metal music that kicks ass! Just put together the best elements of the European Power Metal genre (Brainstorm, Metalium), mix them with the basic elements of the U.S. Metal music (Cage, Riot, Fifth Angel, Warrior - the latest featuring Rob's vocals on their 2001's Code Of life album) and add ENDLESS amount of Rob Rock's octaves! You'll be bombarded from the very beginning - Slayer Of Souls - to the very end of this album to killer tunes like Calling Angels, I'm A Warrior or I'll be Waiting For You. Achtung: there's lots of melody in Holy Hell, don't think you'll deal with a Power Metal album, it's just the deeds of Mr. Jarzombeck we were talkin' about some lines above…
I don't know if Roy Z is featured again as co-writer (and producer???) but the album's sound is a killer, he must be in it somehow! Furthermore, Edguy singer Tobias Sammet and Italian keyboardist Mistheria are special guests on the album. I felt no need to state whether Rock sings well or not because there's no way something else would be happening here. The story, attitude and bio of Rob Rock remind me of some other extraordinary vocalist of our times. Guess who…
To sum it up: T-a-k-e i-t!

4 Star Rating

Slayer Of Souls
First Winds Of The End Of Time
Calling Angels
Holy Hell
Lion Of Judah
I'm A Warrior
I'll Be Waiting For You
When Darkness Reigns
The Revelation
Move On
Rob Rock - Lead Vocals
Carljohan Grimmark - Guitars
Andreas Olsson - Bass
Bobby Jarzombeck - Drums
Record Label: AFM Records


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