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Robbie LaBlanc - Double Trouble Award winner

Robbie LaBlanc
Double Trouble
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 08 May 2021, 9:46 AM

A good definition for what AOR music is ‘a form of soft Rock ‘n’ Roll that even your grandmother fan of old-fashioned music can listen and like’. Although this joke can hurt the feelings of many fans, it’s not a lie. And the successful nature of the genre during the late 70’s and throughout all the years of the 80’s can be stated as proof of that. Although the coming of Grunge Rock/Alternative Rock in the 90’s took it out of the spotlight, the genre kept its strong appeal, and it’s the better explanation of its comeback since the beginning of this new century. And to hear “Double Trouble”, the new album of ROBBIE LEBLANC, can depict what was done in the past, without being a release for your grandma.

On this album, you’ll find a recollection of songs that could easily be a radio success back in the 80’s, as well as a perfect soundtrack for films on those days, because it’s a catchy and melodic form of AOR that is near Glam Rock and even to Pop Rock. But the songs don’t sound ‘out-of-date’, because everything on the album, even keeping the feeling of the past, sounds alive, fresh and melodically catchy. And it’s musically accessible in a form that’s impossible to resist due the great keyboards arrangements and backing vocals along the great vocals and solid instrumental (but what could be expected of a band with members that plays with ALICE COOPER, FM, LONERIDER, Steve walsh and others?). Steve Overland and Tommy Denander are the producers of the album, and Brian J. Anthony mixed and mastered the album. And they created a modern and clean sound quality, in a way that everyone can understand the musical work of Robbie without great efforts.

“Double Trouble” is a diamond that beautifully shines in every color that the listener wants. “Only Human” (a great and tender song with solid accessible melodies, along with a charming chorus and great vocals), “Start the Motor Running” (a solid weight can be heard on a subjective way due the fine work of bass guitar and drums), “Good Time” (a solid romantic Rock with charming melodies and keyboards, and what a lovely chorus), “Voodoo Woman” (a strong melodic appeal can be heard on its harmonies, and what lovely energy flows from the backing vocals), “Pure” (an introspective and technical Pop Rock song, adorned with very good backing vocals and solid work from bass guitar and drums), “Temptation” (a Power Pop/Hard Glam song with very good musical arrangements on the guitars), “Lips Are Sealed” (with charming keyboards and vocal melodies that can seduce even a Neanderthal), and… Come on, people, this album can’t be heard in parts, is an excellent piece of music as a whole.

All that’s left to say is that “Double Trouble” is mature, honest and lovely. And let’s hope that Robbie can bring more excellent stuff in the near future.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Only Human
2. Start the Motor Running
3. Good Time
4. Voodoo Woman
5. Pure
6. Temptation
7. Lips Are Sealed
8. Better Man
9. Sound of the City
10. Play the Game
11. Just Say the Word
12. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow
13. Don’t Do Love
Robbie LaBlanc - Vocals, Backing Vocals
Tommy Denander - Guitars, Keyboards
Brian J. Anthony - Bass, Percussion
Michael Lange - Drums
Steve Overland - Backing Vocals
Record Label: Escape Music


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